Dale & Neumy had a lot of Bruins talk on WEEI today, understandably. Dale had to clarify his comments from the NESN telecast last night when, in the closing minutes, he remarked something along the lines of “Soon, the people of the Commonwealth are going to wake up a realize they have one of the best teams in the NHL here.” Dale had to clear up that he wasn’t knocking the fans who weren’t showing up in protest to Jacobs, but rather talking about fans in general who just aren’t aware of how good the team is. They also took a few calls on trading Kyle McLaren. One exchange was fairly frustrating, as when the caller wanted to know exactly why McLaren wants to be traded, does he have a beef with management…they respond with ‘That’s not it…McLaren has nothing against the Bruins team or its management. McLaren has a personal issue that doesn’t involve the team.’ When pressed, Dale said, “I can’t divulge this information”. It’s frustrating from the viewpoint of the listener, it’s almost a teasing, “I know something you don’t know” type of thing. At the same time, Dale is respecting McLaren’s privacy in whatever his personal issue is. Of course, it wasn’t frustrating to listen to Dale mention this site as the one that guided him to the John Tomase article on Theo Epstein, which was also discussed during the show.

The Eddie shots across the bow continue. Today in response to a caller who mentioned “the other end of the dial”, Andelman said he didn’t know too many people who would walk away from the offer that they put before him. He said there are good people there, Dale is a good guy, Ted is a good guy, but otherwise the place is filled with the “slimiest characters” you could imagine, and that he is a family man and couldn’t stand to be associated with them any more. The rest of Eddie’s show was his annual pre-Thanksgiving “turkeys” of the year in sports.

Speaking of Eddie, reader Matt Cullen writes (Greg) Dickerson was filling in for Teddy last night and an old man called up and asked “What ever happened to Eddie Andelman?” .. and Greg replied “Eddie is no longer working in radio, he has retired.” In the most serious tone .. It was strange, I felt bad for the old guy wondering where Eddie was!

I wrote last night about Borges loosening up on the Patriots. Maybe the Globe has put shackles on him, But MSNBC hasn’t. Borges submits an article highly critical of Tom Brady to that web site. He talks about “lingering doubts in the minds of many” about Brady. After mentioning that the Patriots have only beaten two teams with winning records this year, Borges adds: “In an area that for years insisted Ted Williams and Roger Clemens were