Eddie Andelman continued his assault against the Red Sox and their new owners and management today. He continued to take shots at them, as well as the Herald and other radio stations, while lauding the Globe for its objective coverage. He said that the Herald and the “other radio station” are in the pocket of John Henry and so go along with anything that he decrees. Eddie declared that he would never allow money to cloud his objectivity and would always be a straight shooter. Right. Never take freebies from an autoglass company or chinese food restaurant and then give them a plug, or an appearance on your station. Cool and Objective. That’s Eddie. He repeated what he said yesterday…that opposing GM’s will not want to trade with Theo because they’ll be afraid the “kid” is going to show them up. He had Brian McGrory from the Globe on and praised him for his “tongue in cheek” article this morning. Eddie read aloud the part about Lucchino taking Epstein to Chuck E. Cheese’s and couldn’t get it out he was laughing so hard. Didn’t think it was *that* funny Eddie….McGrory said he has been inundated today with e-mails from outraged 20-somethings. Good. Eddie also called Shaughnessy the best writer in the country. They also had writer Larry Platt on, who recently published a book on Allen Iverson. Eddie and Jags both displayed ignorance and even some prejudice about Iverson. Eddie went into a ramble about tattoos, cornrows and then said “What the hell is his problem?” Jags compared Iverson to Mike Tyson and said how people close to Tyson worry about his self destructive behavior and how it will destroy him someday, and asked Platt if people around Iverson have the same worries given his similar behavior. That question seemed to dumbfound Platt, as Iverson is really nothing like Tyson. Eddie wanted to go into all of Iverson’s “convictions” and arrests and legal problems. Platt tried to explain that Iverson has one conviction, back in ’97. His high school conviction was overturned on appeal and his troubles from last summer were “laughed out of court”. Eddie then patronizingly said that he knew Larry wasn’t trying to be an apologist for Iverson, but that anyone with good lawyers can get off of most charges brought against them. Platt said that he was only trying to make the point that the charges that have been brought against Iverson over the years have been relatively minor compared to many other athletes, but that people make a much bigger deal about it because it’s Iverson. Eddie didn’t really get it.

Bill Simmons chronicles his memories from his years in Boston. They’re memories we all share. He also says that he will return someday. Mike Fine has a really good Epstein article. Jonathan Comey says that 28, like 1918, is just a number. Eric McHugh looks at the Lions success in Thanksgiving games.

From the “you can’t make this up” department, with a little “not that’s there’s anything wrong with that” thrown in, check out this Amazon.com list. Then note the # 1 entry on the list.