I wonder if the Patriots are chagrined at all that their “Patriots Monday” programming has been usurped most of the midday hours today. Patriots.com streams all of WEEI’s programming on Mondays, so you can hear all the Epstein talk no matter where you are. They carried the full press conference (about a half hour) and also had a one on one with Epstein and Bob Nuemeier, who was at Fenway rather than Gillete Stadium where Dale Arnold was. Peter Gammons and Larry Lucchino were also guests of the program. For complete audio of the press conference you can go to RedSox.com. For video, NECN.com has a good amount of the event on its website. For more on the WEEI programming, I’ve spun off a page of transcripts compiled by “Big Dog”. WEEI also got Mike Port on the air, who was gracious, didn’t give away whether he’ll be staying with the team, but did say he would need a real role, with significant duties to entice him to stay. He wouldn’t stay on if he wasn’t going to be used and challenged. Christian Fauria and Troy Brown were the Patriot guests.

Eddie Andelman on WWZN continued his recent theme of ripping the Red Sox owners, today, it’s of course for picking Theo Epstein. He claims that no other GM will want to deal with him because if he ever gets the better of the deal they will feel they were shown up by a kid. He also managed to rip WEEI in the discussion claiming that if he had business deals with the Sox he might kiss up to John Henry too, but he has no agenda and he will be watching him closely. Right. Eddie…objective?

More Patriots links: Eric McHugh really liked Victor Green’s lick on Randy Moss yesterday. Michael Parente also liked the hit, feeling it set an early tone. Ron Hobson says nothing comes easy for this team. Dan Pires writes that the Pats weren’t going to get burned by the no-huddle for the second week in a row. David Pevear says there isn’t time to analyze this game, they need to move right on to the next one. Pevear also wonder’s what’s next for Brady. Mike Lowe had more on the Jekyll-and-Hyde Patriots. Steve Solloway asks the real Patriots team to stand up. Tim Weisberg says this team is struggling to find its identity while maintaining a sense of urgency. Garry Brown says that a repeat in history is needed. Tom King says the three quick strikes were enough….barely. Parente has a notebook with a big focus on Christian Fauria. McHugh’s notebook has a look at the next few days of preparation.

Yesterday, Rob Bradford had an interesting scoop about Chris Wallace trying to sign up Randy Moss for the Celtics summer league team in 2000 and 2001.