Red Sox and Bruins fans in areas of Maine could be without an avenue to watch those teams according to a report in the 11/18 edition of Multichannel news, which reports: “Susquehanna Communications (SusCom), a cable operator in ME, “sent direct-mail questionnaires to 20,000 customers” asking them to “make a choice between accepting” a 9% increase in their $38.21 full basic service price or losing NESN and having prices increase only 3%, according to Linda Haugsted of MULTICHANNEL NEWS. If the net, which costs each subscriber $3.40 per month, is dropped, customers would lose access to about 150 Red Sox games and 80 Bruins games per year. SusCom Brunswick GM Patrick McCormick said, “I understand the value of the programming, but I’m concerned about the rates overall”