On to the non-Patriots stuff. Michael Gee…well…you’ll just have to read it for yourself. While I actually agree when Gee wants to get rid of the “trade Manny, trade Nomar, trade Pedro” gang, Just once, I’d love for a media member to actually dump blame for the negative atmosphere that at times envelopes this area on his fellow media members, who exert more influence over certain segments of fandom than perhaps they even know. Yesterday, while doing a couple book reviews, Bill Reynolds compares Allen Iverson and Ted Williams. Art Martone had a lengthy look at the impact the Bill James hiring could have for the Red Sox. Gordon Edes explored possible reasons why Billy Beane backed out on the Sox.

Shira Springer addresses the Celtics struggles from the last two games. Steve Bulpett looks at the need for improvement in the defensive toughness department.

Jim Greenidge looks at Robbie Ftorek’s depth among the four lines he regularly uses. Steve Conroy looks at rookie Ivan Huml and the adjustments he’s made and lesson’s learned. Conroy also has a notebook full of injury updates.

Russ Conway has a detailed look at the high ticket prices in Boston sports. Keith Olbermann apologizes to everyone at ESPN and puts some serious blame on himself for his behavior while there.

Peter King has his Monday Morning QB column in which he looks at this very weird NFL season. WEEI’s Dale Arnold gets a plug in this column. King also lauds Rich Gannon: “I think Rich Gannon is turning into Dan Marino in terms of the commanding presence, the don’t-screw-with-me glare he gives his guys. What a leader.” While my pals and I were watching the game, we had other adjectives to describe Gannon as he barked at everyone. “Jerk” was pretty high up on the list. We also couldn’t believe someone hadn’t strangled the guy yet. While King and others might compare him to Dan Marino….Gannon is no Dan Marino, he has nowhere near the cache and respect that Marino commanded.

ESPN2 has a College Basketball doubleheader from the Preseason NIT with Penn St./North Carolina at 7:00 and Boston University/Stanford at 9:15. ABC has Rams/Bears on Monday Night Football at 9:00.