The Shaughnessy article has inspired quite a bit of feedback, most stating that it is the worst column he’s ever written. While that might be stretching it at bit, dozens of e-mailers don’t think so. Many reported that they couldn’t even finish it. My personal favorite comes from, who writes: “CHB’s column today is beyond dreadful. It’s something Jim Donaldson would not write in his darkest hour.” Well said.

Eager to get reaction to Jim Baker’s slam at him in the Herald this morning, I contacted the offices of Bill Simmons for comment. The following release was sent over: “It’s always been my dream to get slammed by a reporter who once co-wrote a book with OJ Simpson.”

Speaking of Simmons, a feature of his old Digital City days that was the very popular was the “Brushes with greatness” sections. In a shameless ripoff, I’m going to do something similar, so if you have an experience with someone famous or even semi-recognizable, (media or non) send them in.

More evidence that WEEI listens to WWZN. This afternoon on WWZN, there were trivia questions, and segments where the callers guessed the voices of Celtics and Bruins players, all for various token prizes. On WEEI later, when a caller says he has a piece of trivia, Ordway says “Hey…that’s a great idea, why don’t we do whole show with a bunch of trivia and give out cheap prizes to listeners?”

Doesn’t appear the the favor is returned, however, as only Pete Sheppard on WEEI had the breaking news of the Patriots playing the Rangers on Sunday night. Candy on the Mike Adams morning show did break the news that “He (rock celeb Prince) changed his name to a symbol you can’t even pronounce.”

Rob Bradford has more on the rapidly-dropping-off-the-radar Billy Beane situation. Mike Fine previews Celtics/Sixers. Eric McHugh has more on the comeback in Chicago. Mark Farinella looks at another comeback, that of artificial turf. Jonathon Comey looks at the QB controversy. In St Louis.