A couple of items of interest on this Saturday. First of all Murray Chass of the NY Times is reporting that the A’s have granted the Red Sox permission to speak to Billy Beane. (free registration required or view the ESPN story of the report.) Doesn’t look good for the Boston media, which is supposed to be so thorough and diligent, to be behind on something this big. The headline to this Projo article reads that “It appears one of the game’s most sought after general managers will eventually land in Boston.” The article goes on to speculate as to what it will take to land Beane, including players with large contracts the Sox may have to take off the A’s hands.

Second is Nick Cafardo’s mailbag from yesterday. As usual, it’s chock full of various items. Nick seems to let loose in here a bit more than he does in his stories, but is less antagonistic than his Sports Final persona. (Which is one of the items he addresses here. He seems to indicate changes are coming and Sports Final will be calmer.)