Was Pedro robbed, or did he bring it on himself? That’s the debate of the day. One caller to D&C this morning suggested that the Red Sox arranged their rotation so that he faced the other teams fifth starter every time out, while another said everytime he turned on SportsCenter he saw Barry Zito carrying his team to another big win. Gery Callahan takes Pedro’s side and blasts the writers who picked Zito because he’s “fun” and they’re “tired” of Pedro winning. Dan Shaughnessy takes the other side, blames Pedro, and compares him to Roger Clemens taking himself out of game 6 and Wade Boggs sitting to protect his batting average. David Heuschkel gets some quotes from several of the writers who voted for Zito over Pedro, and the Courant Yankees writer, who voted Pedro third. Tony Massarotti gets a few quotes from writers as well, but reports the issue right down the middle. Bob Hohler also plays it straight, but focuses more on Pedro’s bitterness at losing. Steve Buckley doesn’t play it straight, sides with Zito and even uses him to take a shot at Manny. Check out the paragraph that had I seen I isolated somewhere, I would’ve sworn it was written by Peter Gammons: ” Understand this about Barry William Zito: He didn’t win the Cy Young Award yesterday. He won it five years ago, when, as a member of the Wareham Gatemen in the Cape Cod League, he was putting his body through dizzying, exhausting workouts that astounded his coaches, teammates and opponents. In an age when we complain about athletes who too often lack the drive and ambition to take their talents to a higher level – hello there, Manny Ramirez” Had to get that Cape Cod League reference in there. I know this is about Pedro and Zito…but just curious, what “higher level” is Manny supposed to take his game to?

The good news…Dennis and Callahan have been talking Celtics the last few mornings. The bad news…most of the talk is about how unwatchable the NBA is, and how Dennis focuses on Vin Baker the entire time he’s in there. They disagreed with accounts that last nights Celtics/Lakers affair was a ‘great’ game. They agreed with a caller who called the game “horrible’. Peter May disagrees, and gushes over the game. He also includes the crucial detail that Shaq had Celtic-green toenails. Steve Bulpett covers the game and similarly enjoyed it. Carolyn Thornton has the game story for the Projo. Shira Springer writes about the game being an “an epic, almost endlessly entertaining clash.” Jackie MacMullan catches up with Shaq, and humanizes Superman, who contemplates the end of his career. Rich Thompson has a look at one of last night’s heroes, the scorching hot Tony Delk. Bulpett’s notebook has Shaq talking Celtics and Vin Baker. Thornton’s notebook reports that Shaq feels he needs to bulk up a bit to handle the pounding he gets. Springer’s notebook has Jim O’Brien urging the officials to give Antoine more calls when he drives to the hoop. Michael Muldoon says Kobe is no Jordan.

After Ted Johnson was the focus yesterday, today it’s Ty Law. Tom Curran says Law will accept any challenge, and also writes about his brush with identity theft. Michael Felger notes that Law can talk with the best of them. Nick Cafardo reviews the state of affairs and looks ahead to the second half of the schedule, including a look at each upcoming game. Alan Greenberg has a look at the Right Tackle position with Robinson-Randall and Jones competing for the starters role. Greenberg and Curran were on FSNE’s NE Sports Tonight yesterday, and it made for an entertaining show. Hector Longo looks at the Pats three headed monster at tight end. Cafardo’s notebook contains the third Ty Law piece of the day. Curran’s notebook has Belichick’s thoughts on Bears linebacker Rosevelt Colvin. Felger reports in his notebook that Chris Chandler will be the Bears starting QB this Sunday. Leigh Montville provides his weekly picks.

Hall of Fame honored Kevin Paul Dupont writes about last night’s Bruins loss to the Red Wings. Stephen Harris has the Bruins happy to get a point with the OT game.

Bill Griffith has extensive media notes, including Randy Cross’ thoughts on the Patriots, word on NESN leaving the Red Sox broadcast crew hanging for a bit more and his thoughts on the Felger/Cafardo/Borges media war. Jim Baker notes that this Monday will be the 500th episode of Monday Night Football.

ESPN has Wizards/Lakers at 8:00 and Grizzlies/Kings at 10:30