WEEI’s Dale & Neumy are reporting in the noontime hour that they have learned Barry Zito has beaten out Pedro Martinez for the AL Cy Young award. Derek Lowe finished third. They are the first, as far as I can tell, to be reporting this news. No word on WWZN where Eddie is encouraging people to call in and sing badly for Celtics Tickets. Update As of about 1:20, WWZN is also reporting Zito as the winner. The McDonough group did reveal that former Pedro adversary George King voted for Martinez for the Award. Most of Zito’s votes came from the West coast, though one of the Yankee writers also voted for Zito. Will McDonough expressed his dismay at the outcome, feeling it was a huge injustice. WEEI’s Big Show seemed to spend a lot of time validating Zito’s selection to the furious callers. Pete Sheppard was the only one outraged at the Martinez snub. Glen Ordway and Bill Burt and Steve DeOssie think Zito was the correct choice based on his facing better competition out West and also because his team was better and involved in more big games. Also, Ordway thinks Pedro made a huge mistake in his comments after his final start about shutting it down, and expressing that he thought he deserved the Cy Young.

Eric McHugh reports on the Patriots Right tackle competition. David Pevear looks at the persistence of Robinson-Randall and Ted Johnson in reclaiming roles on the Pats. Buddy Thomas says we still can’t determine who is better, Brady or Bledsoe. Chad Finn tries to figure out the NFL. Tom King has ATJA. (Another Ted Johnson Article) The Mooseman hands out the mideason grades. McHugh’s notebook looks at Brady and Belichick covering each other.

Tim Weisberg says this Celtics team is tough to figure. Mike Fine has a look at the still-maturing Kobe Bryant.

WWZN has also launched its new website.