Gerry Callahan attempts to reassure everyone that the Patriots did make the right move in trading Bledsoe. Jim Donaldson says the Patriots need to go back to feeling disrespected. Michael Smith garners film reviews from Patriot players. He also ends the story with news on Orlando Brown. George Kimball looks at former wrestler Stephen Neal and his football instincts coming around. Alan Greenberg looks at the most popular player on any team — the backup quarterback. Michael Felger takes time from his wedding preparation to file a Sporting News team report on the Pats. Joe Murphy notes that there are good seats available on the Patriots bandwagon right now. He goes on to touch on other sports notes, and says WWZN is “out to lunch”.

Steve Bulpett looks at Rodney Rogers’ reunion with the Celtics last night. Peter May looks at the loaded Nets and notes at the end, that even with the injuries Paul Gaston will not allow the team to keep an extra player. How soon before he’s out and the new owners are approved by the NBA? In his notebook, Bulpett has Jim O’Brien calling last night’s preseason loss a “good learning experience.” Vin Baker should be thanking the Patriots for struggling right now. The big fella has scored a total of two points in the last two preseason games. No one is talking about it, right now, but if performances like that spill into the regular season, things could get ugly, quick.

Bob Ryan loves this game. Baseball, that is. Jeff Horrigan writes about the Sox planning another query to the Oakland A’s about Billy Beane, after receiving no answer to their first attempt. Michael Gee compares Barry Bonds with the all time greats. Lenny Megliola gives a World Series preview, and laments the late games which kids won’t be able to see all of. Gordon Edes notes that great players don’t always shine in October.

Stephen Harris tries to figure out what level of team the Bruins really are. They get pummeled by Minnesota, but beat Colorado. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell gives an update on injuries, goalies and holdouts in her notebook.

Bill Griffith returns from vacation with a column on the baseball playoffs, ratings numbers and Revolution fever. Jim Baker dishes more numbers and continues to express his disgust for Sports Final.

NESN has Bruins/Canucks at 10:30. With no other nationally televised games it’s a slow night for sports viewing.