Baseball talk dominates today’s airwaves on sports radio, with Eddie away, Dave Jageler was joined by Tony Massarotti on WWZN, and the topic for most of the first hour was Lou Pinella. Are the Red Sox the mystery third team that was mentioned in the New York Times this morning? Tony feels the Red Sox should make an effort to go after Pinella, even despite Grady Little just having finished his first year. He compared Pinella to a Bill Parcells type personality. He would be the perfect type for Boston, and would be extremely popular. Dale & Nuemy had Richard Ben Cramer on the phone as a guest, talking about his book, “What Do You Think of Ted Williams Now?: A Remembrance” Cramer thinks that its sad that Williams in now “hung by his heels in a freezer in Arizona”. He heard Ted say that he wanted to be cremated. In response response to a Neumeier question regarding Ted and Joe DiMaggio, Cramer noted that the perceptions of both were wrong, and caused by the media in the towns in which they played. DiMaggio was also painted as a great guy, caring, outgoing etc, by the adoring New York media, when in fact, he was a loner, who really didn’t want attention and jealously guarded his money and image. Williams was painted as “tantrum Ted”, a really nasty guy by the Boston media, when in fact he was a gregarious, warm, loyal guy who loved to talk. The Big Show also promised a lot of Pinella and Red Sox GM talk with Steve Buckley and Sean McAdam joining the cast. Ron Borges and Steve Burton were aboard the McDonough group.

Mike Fine gives us a good look at the new Celtics big man averaging double digits in the preseason. Mark Farinella says New Englanders are uncomfortable with success. Jonathan Comey says the Patriots need to keep their heads. Chad Finn addresses the issues around the Patriots. Bill Simmons says we need to cut Bill Buckner some slack. Fellow ESPN2 columnist Chris McKendry has a rebuttal column to a Simmons piece a couple weeks ago about rules for women watching sports.