Jeff Jacobs decides it’s his turn to take some shots at Manny. To wit: ” Dan Duquette left behind an enormous booby trap in Manny’s eight-year, $160 million contract. Manny is the AL batting champion and an RBI machine. And when he isn’t playing with toy cars, failing to run out grounders, refusing to talk, sitting with a sizable lead for the battling title and having obscene music played on the P.A. system, he’s such a one-dimensional lovable loser.”

He gets on Manny for refusing to talk to a media that treats him like this? As for his “one-dimensional” game, I guess Jeff didn’t read Bob Ryan’s article yesterday where Ryan correctly pointed out that Manny is perhaps the only disciplined hitter the Red Sox have. If they want to be more like the Yankees, (Which is the crux of Jacob’s article) they need more hitters like Manny, not get rid of them.

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