Dale & Neumy had Scott Zolak in to talk Patriots as part of their Friday program today. “Dakota from Braintree” (Who, by the way, isn’t your run-of-the-mill sports talk caller) stirred things up with the Bledsoe crowd, by stating unequivocally that if you’re a Patriots fan, you want the Bills to lose. This was against Dale’s position that the difference between the number 12 pick in the draft and the number six pick in the draft isn’t significant. This quickly became a topic of debate, as the Bledsoe fans scrambled to say that a high draft pick isn’t all that important to the Patriots. That they’re all rooting for Drew and want the Bills to win. Meanwhile down the dial, Eddie and Jags also talked some football, Dolphins receiver Oronde Gadsden was a phone guest. (Eddie kept calling him O-rond-o) Eddie’s wiseguy buddies were his other usual Friday guests. The McDonough group had no real host today, with Ron Borges attempting to fill that role, (yes, it’s as painful to listen to as you imagine) and joined by Tim Fox and Bob Tewksbury. The Red Sox coaching staff shakeup was a topic both on WWZN (Where Tewksbury’s name immediately arose as a bullpen coach candidate) as well as on WEEI, but with Michael Felger and Fred Smerlas joining Glen Ordway, talk on 850 switched back to football rather quickly. Seems there’s still a spillover from the midday show, and Bledsoe/Brady mess continues. Smerlas admitted he was wrong in saying that Drew was done. Callers want Felger to do the same, but Felger has admitted right from the start of the season that Bledsoe has surprised him.

Since Grady’s future is in limbo here awaiting the new GM, I wonder if they’ll wait to appoint any replacements. One thing you can count on if he’s retained is that with Stanley gone, Charlie Manuel will be Grady’s bench coach next year.

Eric McHugh looks at how the Patriots will handle the heat in Miami. He also looks at the Patriots not neccessarily forcing themselves to run the ball in his notebook. Glen Farley has Tom Brady disputing the Charger’s claims that they’ve unlocked the secret to stopping the Patriots. Mike Fine looks at the plan-to-be-running Celtics. Another Shammond Williams article, this time by Rob Bradford. A pretty promising look at the new point guard.