First of all, a million apologies for the unannounced outage this morning. It was a surprise to me, too. Why a hosting company would choose the morning to run maintenance is beyond me…

Gerry Callahan says the Pats got the best receiver to ever come out of Marshall. Interesting story that Brown’s last play at Marshall was in the 1992 Division 1-AA National Championship, and the coaches put him in at corner and he came up with an interception. Karen Guregian criticizes Tiger Woods for snubbing the Ryder Cup in some comments in favor of paying events. Michael Gee hates dull endings to games. I hate dull columns. Bill Reynolds offers three mini-columns. The Patriots, Pedro and Troy Brown are the topics. Lenny Megliola weighs in on Pedro. Ron Borges observes the 50th anniversary of Rocky Marciano becoming Heavy Champion of the World.

Kevin Mannix gives some failing grades to the coaching and special teams in his report card. Jackie MacMullan says that the Chargers offense better look out Sunday. Tom Curran emphasizes the need for balance. Alan Greenberg notes the need for consistency on defense. Michael Smith examines the wake-up call. Mark Murphy has Bill Belichick looking to improve the running game, while Rich Thompson notes that the pass protection needs to be better as well. The notebooks for the Globe, Herald and Projo , all contain some of the same and some unique information.

Is tonight the night the Red Sox are officially eliminated from the playoffs? With Appier pitching for Anaheim against Texas, it could very well be. Jeff Horrigan invokes Edgar Allan Poe in describing the Sox faint heartbeat. Bob Hohler says the Sox need some new arms for next year. Michael Silverman and Sean McAdam look at the hunt for a new General Manager. McAdam also predicts some changes on the coaching staff if Grady Little is retained. Silverman reports that Rey Sanchez wants to stay in Boston. (and Baerga too) In Horrigan’s notebook, Little repeats the essence of what Pedro said last week (and what everyone seems to forget) that if the Sox are still alive when Martinez’s turn comes up he’s going to pitch. “If Anaheim (continues to lose) and we’re still in it, of course I’ll pitch,” said Martinez (20-4). “I didn’t think that needed to be said. I’ll even pitch a few days early if needed. If they want me to go on two or three days (rest), I’ll gladly do that.” David Heuschkel looks at the Sox last and Grady’s fate.

Bill Griffith has details of ESPN’s new network. (No it isn’t ESPN7 produced by Bill Simmons) Jim Baker rates CBS’s coverage of the Patriots game Sunday, and gives Bob Lobel a little grief. I have to admit though, that he’s right, I get sick of Bob curtly telling us each time they can’t show a doubleheader that it’s because of the system…and the “Adam and Leave” thing did get old after about the second time he said it…John Molori has Sean McDonough pleading to keep his Red Sox gig, (Does John get to be on the McDonough Group now?) and information on the “Road to Ireland” a thoroughly worthy event being held next Monday night at The Rack.

NESN has Red Sox/White Sox at 8:00. TBS has Braves/Phillies at 7:00. ESPN Classic has a Rocky Marciano Night at the fights at 9:00