The most likable of all the WEEI shows is the “NFL Sunday” program hosted by Dale Arnold, and joined by Kevin Mannix, Ron Hobson, and Steve Nelson. Freed from the shrill and snobbish tones of Bob Neumeier, Arnold is able to be his true relaxed folksy self. There is good chemistry on this panel, and corny jokes and good natured ribbing are the rule. And it works. This morning there was talk of Johnny Unitas, and the benefit of having guys like Ron Hobson around is that he actually saw Unitas play against the Patriots, over at Harvard Stadium.

WB56 has its Sunday morning football show with Mike Ratte, Eddie Andelman and Pete Brock. Later, Nick Cafardo and Jim Donaldson also appeared, Cafardo talked about his pick of the Jets to go the SuperBowl. A little back and forth between Donaldson and Cafardo about Nick’s seeming anti-Patriot stance. Nick seems tired of this topic, and says his goal in life is to be as perfect as Donaldson. Donaldson is pro-Patriot, thinking that the Pats will sweep the Jets. Eddie was back after the next break and brought along his own thanksdad, his son Michael. Michael started out saying Nick has had too many cocktails. He talked about the Jets age, and that their offense “stinks”. Eddie picks the Jets for 8-8. Eddie also isn’t fully convinced about the Patriots. He lashed out about those who think you can’t say anything bad about the Patriots. Michael said the Pats haven’t lost in 10 months. Eddie is concerned about the running game. Everyone who appeared on the show picked the Patriots to win except Eddie, who picked the Jets to win 27-19.

Lenny Megliola has his article on the cottage industry of sports reporters appearing on TV and Radio. Yesterday, Michael Holley wrote his second piece about Manny and his critics.