The good news was no Manny talk on WWZN. The bad news was that Eddie was in Vegas. Borges was with him for much of the program. All the usual wiseguys were brought on air. This is a tired act, folks. The McDonough group was Butch Stearns, Nick Cafardo and Tim Fox. WEEI’s Big Show was Ordway, Smerlas and Felger.

Peter King writes about the amazing Patriots air show. Mike Fine visits “Planet Manny” and tells him to grow up. Bill Simmons looks at USA basketball. Glen Farley looks at the age contrast between the Patriots offense and defense. From earlier this week, a Steve Zipay column looks at the NFL shows, and has Bill Parcells picking the Patriots to go to the SuperBowl again. previews the Jets and Patriots, twice even. A moonlighting Peter May gives us his top five NBA GM efforts over the past year. Michael Felger files a Patriots team report for The Sporting News. An amusing Sportoon on Page2