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With the baseball strike date set, Dale and Neumy spent much time discussing this issue. Eddie Andelman went after Manny this afternoon, saying the Red Sox need to trade him and get him out of town. John Holt was joined by Nick Cafardo at 3:00, Cafardo doesn’t like the view from the press room at Gillette Stadium (described below). He also thinks that a baseball strike will save Red Sox fans from their misery. The strike is a good thing for Boston, according to Nick. The Big Show had Steve Buckley and Chris Collins and Tony Clark was among the guests, trying to justify and explain the players position in setting a strike date. If there is a strike, Ordway won’t run short of entertainment, he’s a big fan of the Oxygen network’s “Sunday Night Sex Show”. Christopher Price has a story about the Pats and how rookies are treated. (No Cam Cleeland getting hit with a sack of coins as he runs through a gantlet.) From yesteday, Peter King looks at Bill Belichick’s bookshelf.