Sox get their man. Sean McAdam has the most detailed account of the trade. Gordon Edes got the reaction from the Sox clubhouse. Includes quotes from Manny. Funny, I thought Manny was clueless about these things. Many Sox fans got amusement from seeing unabashed Yankee fans such as Rich Eisen downcast and lamenting the trade on ESPN. Yankee announcer Michael Kay also appeared on ESPN Radio and claimed that the Expos wanted too much from the Yankees, that since the Yankees have a superior farm system that they could’ve given more than the Red Sox and basically that the trade didn’t get done because MLB is “mad” at the Yankees.

Tony Massarotti looks at Pedro’s performance and recent streak. Steve Buckley bangs the drum for the retirement of Tony C’s number. While I agree that it would be a nice gesture given the potential that he had and tragedy that cut it short, I don’t buy the “He’s one of us” that Buckley, Stearns and others have trumpeted. By that logic, Lou Merloni should be having his number up there. Isn’t Lou “one of our own”? Tony C’s circumstances are extraordinary, and perhaps he does deserve to have his number retired. But it’s a lot more than just “He was one of our own.” Stan Grossfeld has a look at the Cape Cod league, with some interesting history and a nice glimpse into the way of life in the league. “Summer Catch” it isn’t. (That’s a good thing)

Kevin Mannix, Tom Curran and Michael Smith all take a sober look at Charlie Weis and the circumstances that led to his deciding to have the surgery. Curran also takes a look at the rigors of the dog days of training camp. Michael Gee has somewhat of a rebuttal to Mannix’s criticisms of the “Targeting September” theme that appeared in the Herald yesterday. Michael Smith writes in his Notebook that Belichick thinks of Tebuckey Jones as his Troy Brown of the offense. Pretty high praise.

Michael Holley attempts to crunch the numbers involved with the Vin Baker trade. He also uses a Larry Bird quote that Paul Gaston’s ownership philosophy reminded him of the Clippers’. He concludes by suggesting what Celtics fans everywhere would love. Perhaps Gaston should sell the team.

NESN has Red Sox/Angels at 10:00. The game will also be shown on ESPN2 nationally. ESPN has Indians/A’s at 3:30 and Dodgers/Reds at 7:00. HBO debuts it’s second season of “Hard Knocks” touting it as “The first sports-based reality series — and the fastest-turnaround reality series ever” the show features the Dallas Cowboys training camp and airs at 11:00 PM. Weekly replays include Thursday at 8:00 p.m. and 12 midnight and Saturday on HBO2 at 12 midnight. All times are ET/PT. A 16-person NFL Films crew will live at the Cowboys training camp in San Antonio, TX, shooting more than 700 hours of video over the course of the series. Camera and sound crews will be given unencumbered access to the players and coaches meeting rooms, training rooms, dormitories and practice fields.