First of all, apologies to those who have been unable to access the site at various times in the last 24 hours. The server company, Blogspot has been doing some server upgrades and ran into some difficulties.

Second, in the spirit of shameless self-promotion, I’m scheduled to appear on AM 1590 The Tiger briefly tomorrow night around 6:20 to talk about the site, Shaughnessy and the Boston sports media. The station has a 2 hours sports show each night with former WWZN host Marty Tirrell from 6-8 PM “MT’ Speakin’ on Sports”, as well as a show from 10 AM to Noon Saturdays. The signal isn’t very strong right now, but they do have internet streaming. They are also an affiliate of Red Sox baseball, so on game nights, the show is usually only an hour.

On to the links…Tom Curran has 20 questions heading into Patriots Training camp. Curran also looks at the local interest in the Pats and the record-breaking size crowds they expect to be around for training camp. Nick Cafardo has a mini-feature on the Patriots and other NFL teams preparations for practicing in the heat, trying to avoid another Korey Stringer. Michael Felger looks at the Patriots secondary. Felger also has a brief article restating the information in the Chris Mortenson piece.

Marc Coffman examines the Celtics new-look roster. Shira Springer catches up with Shammond Williams. Jim Donaldson admits he doesn’t follow the Bruins or Celtics very much, and then goes and questions all their offseason activitity. He concludes that it looks like it’s going to be a very long winter. But you won’t notice will you Jim, since you don’t watch them to begin with.

Once again the Globe and Herald called each other to arrange matching articles. After the game article: Gordon Edes and Michael Silverman, they each have a story on Casey Fossum ( Rich Thompson and Gordon Edes ) and Frank Castillo. ( Rich Thompson and Shira Springer ) The Notebooks are a little different. Gordon Edes looks at the Expos as a potential trading partner. The Herald’s is just mostly about Hermanson going on the DL. Karen Guregian writes that people are starting to question Grady Little. No one writes about the yelling episode reported by Greg Dickerson on NE Sports Tonight last evening. Why? Did it not happen? Or is there another reason not to report on it? Think Ordway and the boys will have fun with Rays RBI machine Andy Sheets hot streak? (5 RBI the last two games, including a HR)

Bill Griffth has a well done piece on Ned Martin. Jim Baker uses an “economy of words” like Martin did, to describe him.

Ron Borges and George Kimball chronicle John Ruiz’ fight for respect.

Larry Lucchino actually made it onto a D&C appearance on WEEI, and was congratulated for the Ted Williams celebration. Dennis said he was wrong, it was a first class event, done with a lot of class. Dennis then asked if Ken Burns was still talking. Lucchino said they asked that each “inning” be limited to five minutes, but that Burns material was good…Callahan interrupted saying it was melodramatic and overdone, and that Burns had no business being on the field with his self serving garbage. (A bit harsh Gerry, Did something Burns say about the Red Sox history being tarnished by those who focus on loss hit too close to home?) Dennis then changed the subject and talked about the joy on Johnny Pesky’s face as he ran onto the field in uniform. Dennis then asked if it was panic time. Lucchino said no, not really, some concern, yes, but not panic. The ’83 Orioles had two seven game losing streaks during the course of the summer. He said this time of year is about trying to find a fit with another team for a trade, but the team that stays healthy will prevail. They have four needs identified and they are Starting pitcher, Relief pitcher, Everyday bat, Bat off bench. They want to address some if not all of those needs. They will be making deals through August. It’s nice to get things done in July, but it isn’t a drop dead date. An E-mailer asked about Montreal and LL answered that the Expos expected to make a run, and now they might be reconsidering, and if you want to root from someone, root for the Expos to lose over the next few weeks. He said his friendship with Bud Selig will not factor into any deals. He mentioned their bottom line is already negative, but they’re willing to reach in to improve the club. Callahan asked Why bother?..just be like the Bruins and say this is a business, we’re not spending any more. LL said it is a business, but the essence of their business is winning. He is encouraged somewhat on the labor front. They agree on revenue sharing but the conflict is in the degree or amount. The conversation ended with jokes about Hermanson’s injury and about political lunatics, Callahan being on the “lunatic right wing fringe”.

FOX25 has Red Sox/Devil Rays with Pedro on the mound at 7:00. ESPN Classic is showing the 1991 NBA Eastern Conference First round Game 5, Celtics vs Pacers at 9:00 PM.