Chris Mortenson reports on the Charlie Weis surgery story. Weis nearly lost his life. It was much worse than initially reported, and the Boston media perhaps did the right thing in backing away from the story out of respect to Weis and his family. How bad was it? Mortenson reports: “A gastric bypass procedure that Weis elected to have on June 15 resulted in a near-death experience. He was administered last rites by a Catholic priest two days after his surgery as he lay connected to a ventilator in the intensive care unit at Massachusetts General Hospital.”

Greg Dickerson on FSNE’s NE Sports Tonight reported that sources told them that after the loss in game two of the doubleheader last night, there was screaming and yelling in the Sox clubhouse, directed towards Grady Little. He also reported that Rich Garces had a death in the family and asked not to pitch last night. Dickerson was joined by Michael Felger, Michael Smith and Bill Burt, and topics covered included Weis’ near death experience, getting Tom Brady signed, Ned Martin’s death, and the Red Sox loss last night and Grady’s decisions. They also had a piece at the end on Vin Baker, his happiness at being a Celtic, (He kissed his new Celtics jersey) and how he’ll fit in.