Saddened to hear of the passing of long time Red Sox broadcaster Ned Martin late yesterday afternoon. He was returning home after having spoken at the Ted Williams celebration on Monday night. When he came on then, I thought he looked pretty good for a man of 78, and his voice was still strong and brought back memories of growing up and hearing him do the games with Bob Montgomery in the ’80’s. The Globe and the Herald each have articles on Martin. The Red Sox website has audio files of the Celebration and you can hear the section that included Yaz and Martin with Peter Gammons, it’s especially poignant now. He and Yaz are no longer “joined at the hip”.

Only the maddeningly inconsistent Red Sox could decimate the Devil Rays 22-4 in the first game of a double header and then blow a 4-0 ninth inning lead in the second game and lose 5-4. They lost another chance to move a game up on the Yankees. As usual, the papers mirror articles. Both have articles on Nomar and his birthday performance. (John Powers and Michael Gee ) Both have articles on Trot Nixon recovering from his error in New York. (Tony Massarotti and Chris Snow ) Both Notebooks (Michael Silverman and Gordon Edes, Chris Snow) are almost identical…Hermanson, trade possibilities, Wakefield.

Gerry Callahan applauds Chris Wallace for not standing pat and having the guts to put his job on the line. Good article by Callahan. Mark Coffman and Peter May both say now the Celtics need to look at the Point Guard spot. May advocates signing Massachusetts native Travis Best. Shira Springer takes another look at Baker and gets quotes from his dad. Kevin McNamara reports everyone on the Celtics side is happy with the deal. Jeff Jacobs says the heat is really on Baker now. If you missed the press conference introducing Baker and Williams yesterday, the complete transcript is available on the Celtics website. Also, I didn’t get to see it, but Chris Collins had a bit with Kenny Anderson on NECN’s Sports Latenight last night, and apparently is pretty upset with the trade and said some interesting things.

Michael Felger looks at the Patriots Linebackers and Defensive Line and also reports on their signing of rookie Deion Branch. In the Globe, Nick Cafardo also reports on the Branch signing and that the Patriots hope to have a new deal for Tom Brady before the season starts. ESPN the Magazine has the Patriots at # 2 on the ESPN 100, a list of 100 people, events, achievements, teams and trends that mattered most in the past year… 9/11 was number one. A very nice article.

Art Martone’s notebook from yesterday focuses on Ken Burns statements from Monday night that the Red Sox glorious history has been “Hijacked by those who focus exclusively on the negativity.” People like Shaughnessy. A very good read.

NESN has Red Sox/Devil Rays at 7:00. ESPN has Braves/Marlins at 1:00, and Cardinals/Giants at 7:00. ESPN2 has Yankees/Indians at 7:00.