Gordon Edes game story on the All Star Game is very similar to the game itself, a rambling, entertaining affair with a sudden, empty, unfulfilling ending. While the media can rightfully skewer MLB for the farcical way this game ended, you just know that they’d have done the same if the game went 17 innings and a pitcher on a contender got injured from overthrowing for 7 relief innings. It truly was a no-win situation. (no pun intended) The pressure to get all the pitchers into the game in 9 innings, leaves you unprepared for extra innings. In his ASG Notebook, Edes also chronicles former Angels owner Jackie Autry criticizing Sox Interim and former Angels GM Mike Port for hiring Cookie Rojas over Joe Torre for Angels manager. This was, of course, before (1988) Torre became infallible.

Steve Buckley agrees that MLB made the right decision in kidnapping John Henry Williams and holding him hostage until his father could be honored the right way. In Jeff Horrigan’s notebook, he observes that while
the players union declined to set a strike date Monday, they did send the team reps back to their clubs to get players approval to authorize the setting of a strike date. Sounds like the same thing to me. Jim Baker recalls some of the viewing highlights about the FOX coverage. Steven Krasner looks at Damon and Garciaparra’s signature plays. The AP has a story that is mentioned in the Herald and ProJo and on the Boston.com website about Pedro Martinez feeling that he’ll get a new deal from the Red Sox after the season that will allow him to finish his career in Boston. The source is a Dominican newspaper. I’m wary of any baseball stories that come out of Caribbean, last winter, one paper had the Red Sox trading Pedro to the Blue Jays for Carlos Delgado and Raul Modesi, “within two weeks” and a few weeks ago a paper had Bartolo Colon coming to the Red Sox “within two weeks”. A Herald “Business Today” piece says the Red Sox owners will be hit harder than almost any other team by a work stoppage. Since Bud steered these guys into the ownership of the Sox because they would support his agenda, I wonder where their loyalties will be when their wallets are being emptied with nothing coming in.

A another Globe article looks at Cryonics, tells what Scientists think of it, and debunks the myth that Walt Disney’s body was frozen. (A popular legend making the rounds)

Things aren’t looking so hot for Allen Iverson these days. I’m waiting for someone to mention that the Celtics have the Sixers first round pick next year. (Unless it’s a lottery pick) If the Sixers are a fringe playoff team without Iverson, the pick could have some value.

You’ve likely heard of the grass-roots fan effort to set a “Fan strike” date. That date is tomorrow. Though well intentioned, I seriously doubt that this will have any impact, especially in Boston. Art Martone mentions the futility of a Fan strike in his notebook.

I caught Tom Brady on “Mohr Sports” last night on ESPN. The interview was pretty light, asked if he thought Adam Vinitiari should’ve at last been a Co-MVP of the SuperBowl, Brady said he thought so. He joked that he’s offered Adam the car he won anytime he wants to drive it. Brady looks to possibly get into politics after his playing days are over, but he is still only 24 years old.

ESPN is planning its second original made-for-television movie. The movie will be about the 35 players who endured Bryant’s preseason training camp at Texas A&M in the mid-1950s. ”The Junction Boys: How Ten Days in Hell with Bear Bryant Forged A Championship Team,” will air Dec. 14 after the Heisman Trophy presentation.

Don’t forget ESPN Classic’s all day tribute to Ted starting at noon today and running for 24 hours. Looks like some real gems in the lineup. Included will be The “Sports Final” episode that was re-run the other night on WBZ. That show will be on Classic at 7:00. ESPN has the ESPY awards starting at 9:00 tonight. Expect to see quite a bit of the Patriots on there. The Patriots 2001 video yearbook will again be on ESPN2 at 11:00 PM.