While Dale and Neumy were entertaining Red Sox trade talk, mostly revolving around Indians Bartolo Colon, Jim Thome and Chuck Finley, one guy called to say he wouldn’t trade Shea Hillenbrand for Ichiro. Good stuff. Neumy feigned indignance at the All Star Voting system, saying fans should only be allowed to vote once. He said the ushers should go to each aisle, hand out the proper amount of ballots and then collect them. Dale asks…what happens to people that go to more than one game? Neumy was flustered.

After talk about wrestling and Calvin Murphy’s baton-twirling expertise, Chris Wallace came on with Eddie and the Jag man, talked a little about the pick of Songalia. Did not seem that excited at all really. He can shoot the ball and he’s got toughness, he’ll play in the Shaws Summer league and they’ll go from there. Jageler asked if he had only played 2 years of college, or had never come to the US and played in college if he would’ve likely been a first round pick, but since he’s here, he’s a known commodity and was taken lower then many unknowns. Wallace said that was accurate and he would agree with it. Darius became “old hat” after a while. He’s an interesting player, has some things the team can use but “no guarantees” not going to say he’ll be on the roster. Massarotti had to ask about the Murphy baton thing. Wallace talked about the toughness involved in that talent. Wallace has never seen Yao Ming play, he’s skilled, he’s a level above the Manute Bol/Shawn Bradley players, the old guard centers are phasing out, Ewing, Hakeem, he should be a top 5-7 center in the league. Eddie had to make a crack about chinese food. Eddie did ask if they’ve got plans to go to Gaston and beg him to be able to re-sign Rogers, Wallace said alot of the staff has been away and they’re starting to work on these issues. They compared Butler to Paul Pierce, Wallace said Butler and Jay Williams were his picks for rookie of the year. He got in a plug for the Shaws summer league starting July 15th, Red will be there the first two nights. Eddie then pretty much shoved Wallace off the air, and closed with the joke he’s told all NBA related guests in the past few weeks about Yao Ming’s younger brother Bing Ming who is 12 years old and nine feet eleven inches tall.

Eddie said they moved Wallace off quickly because they were trying to get Shea Hillenbrand on the air….didn’t happen on his show.

The Big Show has Greg Dickerson filling in for Ordway, flanked by Sean McAdam and Bill Burt.