New Red Sox Pitcher Alan Embree appeared on WEEI this afternoon. He first joked about how many teams he’s played for, something like 7 teams in 8 years, he said after awhile you just get numb to it. He’s got increased velocity this season, something he credits to finding a consistant armslot, working with Randy Meyers in the offseason and getting his elbow scoped. He said they cleared out some chips in there and he’s now hitting 95-97 on the gun whereas before it was mostly 91-92. Coming to Boston, it was a much more loose bunch of guys than perhaps he expected, given what he heard last year. As far as his role here, he doesn’t necessarily just want to be a lefty specialist, one batter and out, if he comes in an inning, he’d like to finish the inning. Excited about the opportunity here, glad he got to be used right away on Tuesday night facing former teammate Jim Thome. Apparently they also had an interview with Thome during the afternoon, but I missed that one. I heard McAdam mention that Thome likes Cleveland so much if he got traded, he could just go back there and re-sign with them in the offseason.