Some pretty good stuff in

Some pretty good stuff in the Sunday papers today. The Globe provides more coverage on the Darryl Kile tragedy, while the Herald only devotes one article to it. Michael Holley gives us a thoughtful article on it. Well done considering he likely didn’t have much time to put it together. Gordon Edes gives the interesting inside perspective about word of the tragedy spreading among the players during the game. Shawn Green came to plate and told Jason Varitek who turned and told the umpire.

Charlie Pierce has an article in the Boston Globe Magazine entitled “The Decline (and fall) of Baseball.” Lenny Megliola opines on John Henry Williams. Tom Curran skewers Drew Bledsoe. Sounds like Drew is reborn and it all of a sudden trying to be a verbal leader. If Bledsoe has a monster year this year, look for the comparision to Roger Clemens to be made in the media, mailing it in for the last years here, leaving and then recapturing past glory…