Chris Ford on WEEI, mentioned the three big areas that NJ beat the Celtics yesterday, Rebounds, Points in the paint and Points off the bench. Ford was impressed with Todd Mcullough. The Nets bring their big guys up often 15-15 feet, which leaves the backdoor and underneath open and vulnerable to easy buckets. The C’s have to tighten up their D and may have to resort to more focused one on one defense. They’ve got to stay in front of Kidd, but when the other guys are hitting the deep shots like Van Horn and Harris were yesterday, it makes it extremely difficult to adjust defensely. Ordway agreed with the increased man to man theory. Ford talked also about Pierce and foul trouble. That he needs to needs to not pick up the cheap foul…give up the 2 points rather than take the foul. Let someone else foul the man, so that Pierce can stay on the floor. He said that it wasn’t necessarily the intensity of the Celtics that was a problem, but perhaps their concentration. They need to focus more on the game. He thinks O’Brien and Harter will turn to a more individual style of defense for the next game. Offense isn’t too much of a problem. The pressure is still on the Nets to take game two at home. The Celtics win this second game and the series swings. Told all the Celtics fans to not panic yet.