Peter May really doesn’t like Kevin Costner. In both his Globe article today (linked below) and his article he makes disparaging remarks about Costner movies. In the Globe it’s: “It was Cousy, you may recall, who had to try to put a fine point on some really rough basketball in the 1990s. He had the unenviable task of being the analyst for Celtics road games through the lockout season of 1998-99, roughly the equivalent of being a film critic consigned to watching Kevin Costner movies.” At it’s “Now, they’re at the top with, essentially, the same personnel. What did Jim O’Brien do? Lock them all in a room and force them to watch Kevin Costner movies until they promised to do better?” Nice job, Peter. Guess “For love of the game” isn’t in your DVD changer at the moment.

Eddie Andleman had former Celtics radio play-by-play guy Howard David on his show this afternoon. David is now doing a morning drive talk show in Miami, and is very happy for Jim O’Brien and the Celtics. He sees them getting to the NBA Finals. He misses Cedric Maxwell very much, calling being with him the best part of that job. WEEI is inexplicably spending time today debating Jose Canseco’s hall of fame chances. Neumeier brought it up early, and it’s stuck. Mike Port was on talking a little about “today’s” callup Bryant Nelson, the 28 year old called up from Pawtucket. (His callup is apparently a day-to-day proposition) He also talked about the possibility of making a trade to help fill the gap left by Manny’s injury. He didn’t mention any names, however. Dale and Neumy also had Celtics assistant Dick Harter on just before 2:00. Harter gave Jim O’Brien credit for selling defense from day one this season. He’s hoping the C’s don’t take their foot off the pedal tonight, and need to learn out to close out when given the chance. He again emphasized that O’Brien understands offense and defense X + O’s better than any coach he’s been around.