Bill Griffith has a great media report on Sunday’s Celtics and Red Sox games. A review of the NBC Celtics broadcast which included a look into Jim O’Brien’s huddle, as well as ESPN’s careful monitoring of Pedro’s strike zone. Peter May catches up with the Cooz, and mentions some of the celebrities that routinely attend the Celtics games.

Gerry Callahan takes his radio show to his column. He is so blissfully ignorant and comfortable in his middle-aged, white, wealthy environment that he claims racism doesn’t exist in Boston anymore, because the Celtics are mostly composed of African-Americans, and that the fans cheer for them, and hate Rick Pitino. He says he’s never heard the “N” word uttered at any sporting event he’s been to. Sorry Gerry, but it happens. You likely can’t hear it from press row. During the Celtics/76ers playoff series, first hand reports tell me there were racial slurs yelled at Sixers star Allen Iverson. (Note to whoever was sitting in Section 21, Row C, Seat 1; your words were heard) Pathetic, but true. The fans may like embrace *our* black athletes, but what about the opposition? Another bone to pick: How about this line from Gerry: “These days nothing but good bleep is happening to this team and this town.” When did “bleep” become an acceptable descriptive term for a columnist to use? Just because Kenny Anderson used the actual word that “bleep” refers to in a postgame interview, Gerry think it’s cool and hip to reference it in his column. Callahan actually has some decent points in this piece, but he’s way off on many of the points.

The ProJo today is requiring you register (for free) before viewing any articles. Bill Reynolds has a nice piece today saying that the Celtics present compares well with it’s past. Jim Donaldson continues to try his best to throw some negativity onto the Red Sox. Now he wonders why Manny chose that play to hustle on the basepaths. One line: “Red Sox rooters never are truly happy unless they’re absolutely miserable.” Wrong Jim, aging white sportswriters who just want to sell papers instead of reporting fairly are never truly happy unless they’re spouting venom.

Ken Macha on WEEI this morning said he “wasn’t pleased” that the A’s refused permission for him to meet with the Red Sox in spring training about the manager’s job.

Celtics on TBS and FSNE tonight at 8:00. Red Sox on NESN at 7:00. TBS also has Lakers/Spurs game 5 at 10:30.