Dennis and Callahan start the pot-stirring and venom early today. Targets are Allen Iverson and a little bit of Tom Brady. Again, it is these guy’s job to create topics that is going to get listeners and generate higher ratings. They do not appear to care however, about if they’re actually in a position to give the opinions they so vehemently spout. Allen Iverson is an easy target, especially, sorry to say, in Boston. Dennis and Callahan base all their talk on him around his image. They encourage callers who label his game “Gangsta basketball”. They go so far as to label him a “loser”. They simply display their ignorance and how far out of touch they are with the state of things today. They’re aging, comfortable white men. Their borderline racist comments and stereotypes of Iverson are disgusting. As for his game…this is the most glaring of the comments. No player in the NBA plays with more heart than Allen Iverson. For his winning….he brought an otherwise mediocre Philadephia team to the NBA finals last year. On his barely 6 foot back. They get on him for this years team’s performance, what help did he have? That team would’ve been nowhere near the playoffs without Iverson. They resort to ridiculing his speech, sounding like schoolchildren picking on the new kid. The fact is, he makes them uncomfortable. He’s different. The tattoos and cornrows and speech and dress after the games all disturb Dennis and Callahan’s comfortable, white suburban world. Get it over it guys. It’s a fact of life in the NBA these days. Players are in charge. Times have changed, if you can’t change with them, you’re in the wrong business. Tom Brady was spotted yesterday doing a shoot for a new video game. Dennis yells: “TAKE A DAY OFF FROM THE SPOTLIGHT, TOM” Get a life, Dennis. Brady is by all accounts, working just as hard, if not harder than he was last year. He won the SuperBowl, he’s entitled to have a life. But it’s all about stirring the pot and getting people so upset that they start dialing the phones.