It get somewhat hard to take some of the Sports Radio Hosts seriously when they just have no idea what they’re talking about on certain things. While it’s not expected that they know everything, some things just stick out a bit more. Both Dale Arnold (WEEI) and Nick Carfardo (WWZN) today were downplaying Cliff Robinson and his abilities. Arnold said he might not score 30 points the rest of the series, while Cafardo said he won’t have a game like game one again. Just for the record, he’s had some positively monstrous games against the Celtics in the past. As Michael Smith in the Globe today points out, Robinson will end his career with some very impressive statistics and a place in the history of the game.

Bill Simmons, the Sports Guy has coverage of last nights Red Sox – Devil Rays game in the the style only he can pull off. Also, previews the Sox – A’s series, and Sean McAdam writes that since they haven’t played a real team yet, now we’ll see what the team is made of.

Dennis and Callahan had Drew Bledsoe on this morning, and Bledsoe, as usual handled himself with class and refused to take shots at anyone even when asked to.