Is there a more angry, bitter, negative man in the Boston Media than Ron Borges? The man is just driven by his quest to write negative things. He appears to relish when the local teams are losing and he can spout about how he would fix them. The Patriots fix themselves, win the Super Bowl, not at all in the way that Borges said it had to be done, and he has to find ways to rip them. Friday on WWZN and Sunday in the Globe, he had to trash the character of the ones making decisions in Patriots front office for their decision to release Jermaine Wiggins. After the initial story about Mike Haynes, he uses phrases like “a shameful example of what life in the NFL is really all about.” and“”Team”? Spare me … “ to describe the team that just won the Super Bowl. While it’s admirable that Borges wants to stick up for the local guy, Wiggins, the way he does it, to attack the Patriots as he does on the air in the print, is despicable. He may be trying to invoke a reaction from people by his style of writing, and that is the job of a columnist, but when you’re attacking the defending champs, you just look like a miserable, bitter old man.

Speaking of which….after one game in the Detroit series, Dan Shaughnessy says that the Celtics are turning into the 2001 Red Sox. No hyperbole there. As for Walker’s comments Dan, what context was he referring to them in? Do you know? Was he saying it to show he was trying to get others involved? Or is it automattically that he’s upset he didn’t get the ball to shoot more? The NBC broadcast was mundane. How come whenever I’m watching the Celtics on National TV, it never appears like the announcers think the game means anything. Like they’d rather be covering another series. Just the impression I get.

Jackie MacMullan mentioned last night on Sports Extra (Channel 7) about the Chris Wallace and Leo Papile having agreed to terms with Ben Wallace during the lockout year, and being overruled by Rick Pitino in favor of Dwayne Schintzius and Eric Riley. I remember hearing from someone else in the Boston Media weeks ago that Wallace had briefly been in Celtics rookie camp or summer league. Wonder who has the correct story. MacMullan says there are many more stories, and she’ll be writing about them in the future.

Red Sox look to finish off a 4 game sweep of a Rays tonight at 7:00 on NESN. Some fireworks yesterday with some hit batters, flying bats, and a retalitory home run.

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Be sure to catch the Bill Russell SportsCentury feature on ESPN Classic tonight at 8:00 and 11:00. The things this man did and who he is create a story that can never be fully understood by today’s generation.