Surprisingly, (or not) “Dale and Neumy” have dedicated almost 4 hours to “Hockey Talk” today. I believe this to be a record for WEEI. They also were giving away a pair of Tickets to the opening game today, which has resulted in likely all time highs in E-mails and Faxes to the show. Alot of closet hockey fans out there. This is the time for the NHL shine. Playoff hockey is a superior brand to the regular season variety.

Just heard John Holt on WWZN report that Vitaly Potapenko suffered a partial tear of his ACL during last night’s game and will be be unavailable to play against the Sixers. Potapenko had twisted his knee a bit earlier in the game, and then cane back in and hurt it again. Announcers Sean Grande and Cedric Maxwell questioned the wisdom at that time of putting “V” back into the game, and in hindsight, it appears they were correct in that questioning. Coach O’Brien came on with Eddie at 2:30 and reported they’re going to try to rehab “V” for 10-14 days and see where he is at that point.

WWZN also reported that Drew Bledsoe is in Buffalo today. Separately Nick Cafardo could not confirm this, he would only say he has a feeling something will happen before or on Saturday.