We’re not huge on numbers here, but some things need to be brought out by the media. Both Michael Smith and Jeff Horrigan talk at length today about Darren Oliver’s success against the Yankees. (5-1 lifetime, 2-0, 1.39 ERA last year) Well, there’s an Oliver twist to this story. This year’s Yankee’s lineup is almost totally different from one that Oliver might’ve faced in the past. Namely, the presence of Jason Giambi and Ron Coomer in the Yankee lineup. Check out these stats lifetime against Oliver:

In 36 plate appearance Giambi is hitting .581 with a 1.413 OPS
In 32 plate appearances Bernie Williams is hitting .440 with a 1.483 OPS
In 24 plate appearance Ron Coomer is hitting .348 with a 1.071 OPS

Ouch. The good news is, those are the only 3 that have had success against Oliver in the past. But to leave those out of the above articles is curious.

Ready for the Marathon? Of course you are. Bill Griffith previews the coverage of the 106th edition. The Globe and Herald both have sections devoted to the Patriots day event.

While you’re watching the Red Sox telecast on NESN tonight (6:05PM) don’t be surprised if you see them trying to find former Sox and Yankee Pitcher David Cone in the bleachers. Cone sat in the Yankee Stadium Bleachers last week, and according the the NY Times, he will do the same tonight at fenway.

You can also catch the Celtics against New York, tonight at 7:30 on Fox Sports Net. (7:30PM)