In another change from the closed door policy of the past, the Red Sox are going to be featured on ESPN’s “The life” series. This is a behind-the-scenes show that was shot during spring training. The web site for the show gives some interesting facts and quotes. The showtimes are varied, and mostly at off hours, so it might be best to set your VCR for this one:

Show times
Date Time
Friday, 12 12:30 AM ESPN
Saturday, 13 3:00 AM ESPN
Tuesday, 16 4:30 PM ESPN
Friday, 19 12:30 AM ESPN
Saturday, 20 3:00 AM ESPN
Saturday, 20 10:30 PM ESPN2
Saturday, 20 11:00 PM ESPN2
Saturday, 20 11:30 PM ESPN2
Tuesday, 23 1:30 PM ESPN
Friday, 26 12:30 AM ESPN
Saturday, 27 3:00 AM ESPN

WEEI had a sit down talk with Bill Belichick this afternoon following his press conference on the draft, Arnold and Neumeier attempted to draw him out about the Bledsoe situation, but Belichick would not go for it.He also took the high road in questions about Brian Cox and Bill Parcells.

If you were looking forward to booing Roger Clemens tomorrow at Fenway, you’ll be disappointed. El Duque was scratched from his start today, and Clemens is taking his spot, meaning he’ll miss the weekend series between the Yankees and Red Sox.