Well, who of you out there can say you didn’t see that loss to the Bulls coming? There will be no 50 win season for the Celtics this year.

Bill Griffith gives us a preview of Masters coverage, has some Patriot-like Red Sox TV numbers from the weekend, and reminds us that tonights Sox game will be on AT&T3 starting at 6:00 instead of NESN or Fox25. The Bruins are on NESN at 7:00. The Boston Globe has an article on Shea Hillenbrand, as does ESPN.com’s Rob Neyer, a Hillenbrand critic, who notes that it appears Hillenbrand is attempting to improve his hitting.

The Boston Herald online sports page has been tinkering with its format, putting articles related to the Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins each on their onwn “coverage” pages. While the idea is a good one, for me, it was easier when they just listed the articles by sport in order of the date published. With the new pages, you might have some trouble knowing which articles you’ve read already and which ones you haven’t.

The Providence Journal online has revamped its sports pages as well. Looks like they’re still working out some formatting kinks, as some pages seem to render rather shabbily.