Boston’s Other Sports Stars

Boston’s contributions to sports history are hard to ignore. Names like Bill Russell, Larry Bird, David Ortiz, Bobby Orr, Tom Brady and Ted Williams have set records and made contributions to their respective games that will endure forever; in doing so they have made Boston sports fans some of the most loyal in the world.

The superstars of Boston sports have set the bar for other local competitors incredibly high; yet that does not mean they are undeserving of recognition. Continue reading “Boston’s Other Sports Stars”


Betting on the Green Bay Packers

If you’re a regular bettor on sports games you will have been excited about the advantages the internet have brought to the betting industry. And not just sports betting itself – many online casinos such as Gaming Club, who can be found at, now have all the card games and slots machines available that land-based casinos do. The sports betting industry took a similar route and now you can find any bet you would find in a land-based bookmakers online, and you can place said bet at any point during whichever event you are betting on. And of course you can still place bets on the Championship if you wish, which is where we shall now try and give you a hand.

As the end of the regular NFL season fast approaches, teams are beginning to clinch division championships. Others teams are neck and neck as they try to outperform their division rivals for a chance to play in the post-season. With a recent victory, the Green Bay Packers have emerged as NFC North Division Champions. As the playoffs approach, the team prepares for these important games that could possibly earn them the right to play in the championship game, the Super Bowl.

Not only are the NFL teams busy now but so are the online casinos as they update odds for the Super Bowl. Many sportsbooks are already posting odds for the Green Bay Packers to win the Super Bowl. The odds established do vary from site to site. For instance, some sets have the odds set at 13 to 2 or 15 to 2 while others have them at 43 to 5. As the play-offs unfold, these odds will undoubtedly change. If the Green Bay Packers do well in the play-offs, each victory will change these odds. Currently, the odds established are the best for sports bettors. If they win a play-off game, the chance of winning is better which poses less risk. Therefore the odds will be changed to reflect this. The payout will not be as high since the risk has diminished.

Not only can bettors place wagers on who will win the Super Bowl, there are others kinds of bets that can be placed on the playoffs leading up to the big game. One of these would be prop bets. This kind of bet is on certain statistics from the game. For example, you can bet on how many completions you think Packer’s quart back, Aaron Rodgers, will throw. You may also be on how many touchdowns or how many passing yards he will has as well.

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Please indulge me as I go over some non-sportsmedia site business…

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For more on Kachingle, check out this post from media writer Steve Outing:

My blog earned $65.08 via crowd-funding

Also see this post from

Pay for News, Then Brag About It

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Thank you!

Bruce Allen

Partner Post – AX MEN Season Two Tonight!

This a promotional post for season two of AX MEN on History channel. In the near future we’re going to have an AX MEN themed give-away for readers of the site.

Watch the Season 2 premiere TONIGHT, March 2 at 10pm/9c on HISTORY! The AX MEN are back, and they’re bigger, badder and tougher than ever. The first ever non-fiction series about the treacherous life of Pacific Northwest timber cutters, is back for its second season on HISTORY™. Going deeper into the forest, high into the sky and even down into the sea, the new season follows two leading teams from last season along with three new companies, racing to fall the most timber during logging’s most dangerous season.

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BSMW Sponsor Shout-Out

I wanted to give a shout out to one the newest BSMW Sponsors, Homage Clothing.

These guys have some pretty cool stuff. They sent over a pair of vintage-style Boston sports t-shirts:

The whole setup is pretty neat, the shirts come made with the authentic thin poly/cotton blend that was popular during the ’70’s, but contrary to what you might think with that material, these shirts are clearly well made. Little touches, like the canvas tags hand-pinned to the shirts, or the pack of trading cards and pouch of “Big League Chew” included with the shipment were a cool little bonus. Even the box that the shirts arrived in was distinctive.

If you want a closer look at those two t-shirts, here they are:

Hick From French Lick

Boston Lumber Co.

We’d like to thank Homage Clothing for their support of BSMW!