Tom Brady Doomed To Fail (and RIP Clark Booth)

Did the headline snag you? Did you click on this story in a fit of pique? Good. Point made. People, I'm getting old. This year I'll turn 50, an odd age that I never thought about when I was younger. I would contemplate turning 40 (where will I be, mid-life?) and 60 (will I be … Continue reading Tom Brady Doomed To Fail (and RIP Clark Booth)


Patriots Roster Preview (Hunch-‘n’-Hankerin’ Edition)

We interrupt this major league All-Star break to bring you an overlong, not-nearly-informed-enough look at the Patriots' roster. The Red Sox' run has helped New England fans get away from football and all of its speculation for a bit. This has been a good thing, though I may have lost track of the weeks without … Continue reading Patriots Roster Preview (Hunch-‘n’-Hankerin’ Edition)