The Red Sox opened up their 2015 campaign (hoping for the Double Boomerang) in style yesterday, as Clay Buchholz went seven shutout innings, Hanley Ramirez homered twice, including an ninth-inning grand slam to lead Boston over the Phillies 8-0. Dustin Pedroia added two solo homers, and Mookie Betts also homered for the Red Sox.

In opener, Red Sox offense as good in practice as on paper – Timothy Britton looks at everything coming together for Boston on opening day.

Ramirez powers Sox in return to original organization – Sean McAdam looks at a day 10 years in the making for Hanley Ramirez.

Clay Buchholz, Dustin Pedroia take control in Red Sox opener – Gordon Edes looks at the Sox answering doubters right away.

Clay Buchholz spins a performance worthy of ace title – Jen McCaffrey has the righty looking the part yesterday.

Dustin Pedroia after 2-HR opener: ‘I’m back’ – Michael Silverman has the Red Sox second baseman reminding everyone that he’s the best player on the team.

Shane Victorino warmly received in Philadelphia – Peter Abraham’s notebook has the former Phillies fan favorite having a nice moment.

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Following the game, it was also announced that the Red Sox had agreed to a four-year extension with pitcher Rick Porcello, who was acquired from the Tigers in the offseason.

Using Jon Lester to explain why Rick Porcello’s deal made sense to pitcher, Red Sox – John Tomase attempts to tell us why both sides were interested in getting this done, and how the Jon Lester situation compared to this one.

An unprecedented path made Rick Porcello a $20 million man – Alex Speier looks at why this situation was so unique.


With Vereen gone, White hoping for an expanded role – Mark Daniels looks at how the 2014 fourth round pick is working to put himself in line for more work this coming season.

Duke proves college hoop is a young man’s game – Christopher Gasper looks at Duke getting by Wisconsin to win the NCAA Basketball championship last night.

Celtics watch scoreboards amid playoff race – Chris Forsberg has the Celtics engaged in late-season scoreboard watching.

Bruins in no position to ease up – Stephen Harris says that Boston must continue playing its best hockey through its final three games.

Michael Felger Apologizes To Jack Edwards – Of all things for Felger to apologize for, this is it? Also, the “this is what we do” defense from sports radio hosts is getting pretty lame in my book.


15 thoughts on “Grand Opener For Hanley, Sox.

  1. “But Mike…can he (insert Pedroia, Hanley, Buc, etc) do this for 162 games?? I have my doubts! Like, really! People around here need to calm down”


    1. How dare Red Sox fans enjoy opening day and gloat a little that every agenda they pushed all winter about Clay, Betts,Ramirez, Hamels it all blew up in their face for one day at least. ALL OF IT. Even the new catcher that everyone was in a panic over. Nothing bad happened yesterday for fellowship of the miserable to go “we told you so”. They looked so irritated last night on CSN.:)


    2. The “first game” overreactions are always fun, no matter the sport.

      Friends who are Sox fans put Betts in Cooperstown and suggested they clean up the Duckboats from the damage Gronk + Patriots did.

      Friends who are Yankee’s fans suggested they felt like Mets fans now, with the season ending on day one because Tanaka looked bad.

      Who knows what happens between both teams.


  2. “Shane Victorino warmly received in Philadelphia”

    The always loveable Adam Jones (did I say loveable? I meant hate-able)


  3. Bruce…

    I do not understand. You linked to a Tomase column. Are you covering fiction now?


  4. So today is the 7th of April; Easter has come and gone.
    Anyone remember the narrative being disseminated for days prior to the Easter holiday from the likes of “the Other Guy”, Borges* and the Felger Youth around here? It was that the Patriots were going to get off easy by Goodell by releasing the Wells report on the Friday night before Easter, so no one will pay attention and it’ll just be a slap on the wrist because the league is in the Krafts pockets,blah,blah blah. All said with the usual smirks and stupid grins from Borges* and his ilk.
    So what happened to this grand conspiracy to bury this at Easter?
    Why wasn’t this discussed on “TOG” and Mazz show? Where is that article from Borges* about why his prediction didn’t pan out? Was it a conspiracy too make Borges* look bad or is he just waiting for someone else to write it first so then he can make it his own? I don’t know. As “TOG” famously says all the time “I’m just asking the question”.
    I think we would all like to know why something that was discussed so much just a week ago has mysteriously disappeared.


  5. Not surprising that the Globe would spin a story this way: “Former Patriot charged in Ponzi scheme”. Player in question is Will Allen, who spent 12 seasons with the Giants and Dolphins, signed with the Patriots in March 2012 and was placed on IR a few months later, having never played a single game.


    1. The guy wasn’t even here long enough to get a uniform. Once again proving there is ZERO integrity in media anymore.


  6. Nice of Felger to take another subtle shot at Jack within his apology. “I apologize, Jack, BUT…..” The guy who rages at callers when they misquote him or put words in his mouth….


  7. Miserable Mazz dumping all over Porcello and his contract…one reason is what will happen if they raise the strike zone because he throws a sinker and the other is tonight means nothing because you do not pay a pitcherxto beat Philly in April…what an ass hat.


    1. Suggested tagline: “Smarter All The Way To The Poor House: Arrogant Sox Swindled By Worthless Porcello”


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