NESN sent out this release earlier this morning:

April 3, 2014 – NESN, New England’s most watched sports network, announced today that former Red Sox player Steve Lyons (@SteveLyons12) will join the network as a Red Sox studio analyst. Lyons joins MLB Hall of Famers Dennis Eckersley and Jim Rice along with Red Sox legend Tim Wakefield as studio analysts on NESN’s Red Sox pre and post-game shows, plus NESN Sports Today and other original programming.

Lyons’ first appearance on NESN will be on Friday, April 4th during NESN’s two-and-a-half hour Red Sox home opener pre-game coverage beginning at 11:30 am. He’ll join studio host Tom Caron, Dennis Eckersley, Jim Rice and Tim Wakefield before the Red Sox take on the Brewers at Fenway Park.

“We are thrilled to have Steve join our team of veteran studio analysts,” said Joseph Maar, NESN’s vice president of programming & production, executive producer. “He brings incredible passion, experience, candor and depth of knowledge about Major League Baseball along with a familiarity with Boston as both a player and a broadcaster.”

Lyons played nine seasons in the major leagues with four different teams including four stints in Boston. He is also a three-time national Emmy award-winning broadcaster. Drafted in the first round by the Red Sox in 1981 out of Oregon State, Lyons made his MLB debut in April of 1985 and was voted that season’s 10th Player Award winner by Red Sox fans. He is one of only three players to play all 9 positions in one game at the major league level. He finished his career where he started it, playing for the Red Sox at Fenway Park in October of 1993.

Lyons began his broadcasting career in 1996 with FOX Sports and has worked for both the FOX national and regional networks as a game analyst, studio analyst and studio host. A versatile broadcaster, Lyons has also hosted his own interview show, a sports show for kids, and for two seasons was the host of the This Week in Baseball. During his 11 years on FOX’s national broadcast he worked the pre and post-game shows for the Divisional Series, Championship Series and World Series. He just finished a 9 year affiliation with the Los Angeles Dodgers as a pre and post-game host and game announcer.


10 thoughts on “NESN Hires Steve Lyons as Red Sox Studio Analyst

    1. Experience as an analyst…..eck not wanting to work full time in the analyst booth….
      is it me or is nesn planning something??


  1. My first impression of the move – an obvious Remy insurance policy should he not make it through the season. Whether that be caused by more damaging stories that force NESN’s hand, a deterioration of Remy’s health and/or performance in the booth in the face of all the stress and criticism, or (least likely) Jerry finally comes to his senses and realizes it’s in the best interest of all parties involved for him to just step down and go away.

    Eck has repeatedly said he wasn’t interested in a full-time color analyst gig, so having Lyons in the bullpen makes some sense.


  2. This is a great move, and he would be excellent in the broadcast booth with Don Orsillo. I wonder if he’ll make an appearance on Glenn Ordway’s Big Show Unfiltered, since it was Ordway that gave him his start way back when.


  3. Congrats to Dale Arnold, and to WEEI for making the wise move in choosing substance over flash. Sports Hub’s Felger and Maz act is in rapid decline with their WWF style of programming, with their manufactured opinions, obvious lack of preparation and misinformation is a complete joke will always. Holley & Arnold as a team have a decided edge in expertise on any of the four sports – and that includes MLB in my opinion


  4. I caught the last 10 minutes of Troll1 and Troll2 on 98.5 today. Troll1 was ranting and ripping Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens for not doing a better job of losing games. I have to give troll2 credit for not automatically agreeing with troll1 for once in his life. Troll2 actually disputed the absurd non-point being made by troll1. Their protege, Troll3 (The King of #HotSportzTakes in the evening on 98.5), has always issued similarly absurd criticism at Ainge for trades that WEREN’T accomplished. Not rumors of trades that Ainge turned out, but complete unknowns! Side note, to me this is the same thing as ripping the Patriots for what they WEREN’T going to do in free agency, which turned out to be incorrect.

    Troll1 also directed this rant (playing the Ombudsmen role) at the “Greeteamers”. His attempt at making a point of criticism was so senseless that I can’t even begin to repeat or summarize it.


    1. I think the fact that they’re number one in ratings says a lot about Boston sports fans unfortunately. That we want or put up with this crap suggests that we would rather be entertained as opposed to having thought provoking sports discussions. Maybe not most people here on this blog but our area in general. That or perhaps the lack of competition. Up until recently I chose to listen to other stations or things than to these bozo’s.


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