A lot of great reaction to last week’s podcast with Dan Kennedy and Adam Kaufman, which is greatly appreciated on my end. I’m still working out the kinks, and quickly fell behind this week while working on my Metro Boston column and a Sports Media Musings piece for you guys tomorrow. The hope is to have an iTunes feed up and running by next week’s episode.

In Episode 2, I talk to Michael Pina, who writes for various sites on ESPN’s True Hoop Network, including Celtics Hub, as well as Sports On Earth & The Classical. Basically, he has a problem: he is a certified basketball junkie. Which is a great thing for readers, because he’s part of the wave of young basketball scribes who really teach you about the game’s nuances through analytics, clips, and still-frames.

CLICK HERE for the direct link to the player on SoundCloud if the player is not showing up on your Smart Phone. If you want to skip around, below is a breakdown of our conversation. As always, thanks for reading listening! Say hello on Twitter: @Hadfield__.

0:00 – 8:40 We talk about writing styles & the Sloan Sports Conference.

8:40 – 16:55 The conversation shifts to Celtics talk: Jeff Green’s future, the Rajon Rondo narrative (CAN HE BE THE BEST PLAYER ON A CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM?!), and other relevant topics are discussed.

16:15 – 25:00 (END) With the Celtics, for most part, being irrelevant come spring time, we pick our favorite teams to watch, who we think is coming out of Western Conference (either the Heat or Pacers are a lock for the Eastern Conference), & the idea of “clutchness.”


5 thoughts on “Reading Between the Lines Podcast: Episode 2 — Michael Pina

    1. Guess it doesn’t help during the negotiations. The funny thing? out of all the inflammatory things they’ve said and if this were to be something that leads to change? (It won’t because they’re still #2 in the morning.)

      Apparently, all JC did was point out how unhealthy they are, right? That’s some proprietary secret?


  1. If you want to see how self-centered sports media hacks can be, notice that JC refuses to step down…fall on his sword…to recoup that lost advertising revenue. And his refusal will cause OTHERS at the station to lose THEIR jobs. There must be a word stronger than ‘despicable’ to describe Jerry Callahan. Perhaps with an expletive tagged onto the front.


    1. Their show is #2 and has made up some ground vs TR. When Finn last posted the breakdown of each show vs. show, it’s the only one competitive with their competition on SportsHub. Now, pissing off a big advertiser is another thing but I think we would have seen change if there was going to be some. As Finn says, and I’d agree with, they have bigger problems that need fixing like the midday and afternoon drive. If anything, what’s going on with F+M lately just begs for legit competition.


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