The Bruins look to get ahead in the Stanley Cup Finals tonight as the series comes to Boston. After another thrilling game on Saturday night, the Bruins and Blackhawks find themselves tied up at a game apiece.

Tonight’s game (8:00pm) will be on the NBC Sports Network, the last game in the series which is scheduled to be shown on the cable outlet. The rest of the series will be on NBC, which should be a boon for local outlet WHDH channel 7.

Saturday night’s game ended around 11:30, and for the postgame, NESN was able to jump right in live, but CSNNE was showing the New England Revolution game. They started their Postgame Live on I decided to check it out, just to see the quality of the stream. (It was excellent.) I tuned in just in time to hear Felger say “Chris Kelly still sucks!”  That was enough for me.

A couple other quick notes:

Jocks dial up rivalry – If you heard the Mut and Merloni show on Friday, you probably heard their back and forth with Chicago sports radio 670 The Score. A lowlight was Merloni calling the station and trying to pass himself off as “Joey from Medford.”

Bill Simmons is on his way to another lame ESPN Twitter suspension – Awful Announcing looks at The Sports Guy expressing frustration at his employer again.

Former NFL Executive Of The Year Scott Pioli Joins Football Night In America – As he continues his media career, the former Patriots executive signs a deal with NBC.

Anyone see this in the Sunday Baseball Notes in the Globe:

Stephen Drew, SS, Red Sox — Now that June 15 has come and gone, the Red Sox would be able to trade Drew anywhere. Free agents signed during the offseason can’t be dealt until after the 15th unless they give their permission. What would the market be? Given the lack of shortstops around baseball, the Red Sox would have no problem finding a taker, but they have been steadfast that Drew is their guy. One National League GM couldn’t quite understand their infatuation with Drew. “They’re either trying to justify the $9.5 million they paid him, or they’re not sold on [Jose] Iglesias, who could start for 29 other teams.”

So…is this NL GM saying that Iglesias is the best shortstop in baseball?

The Celtics/Clippers talks for Doc Rivers are heating up again, and some think a deal could be done today. It really seems like a point of no return has been reached. Stay tuned…


5 thoughts on “Stanley Cup Finals Return To The Garden Tonight

  1. Off days during the playoffs in all sports bring out the worst in a lot of the mediots. No reason to believe this one was going to be any different.


    1. Both radio and TV stations have been firing verbal jabs at each other for this stuff throughout the post-season.


      1. With you there. Good hosts bring the most out of their guests. But even if they don’t, having on other knowledgeable folks spruces a show up on occasion.


  2. I’m damning the rest of the brood on the NBA panel with faint praise, but Simmons absolutely comes across like the ‘One Thing That Doesn’t Look Like The Others.’ He’s a pure media hack, and his commentary sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard. He looks so miscast.


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