According to an industry source, in response to continued toxic atmosphere at Entercom Boston, including and especially at WEEI, Entercom Communications Corp President and CEO David Field will be in Boston on Friday to conduct a “town hall” style meeting with employees, presumably in an attempt to assuage hard feelings and improve morale. The source says the meeting is to tell employees that “everything is fine, and to enjoy the brand.”

Field is said to be taking questions from employees, but that such questions need to be submitted in advance.

With salaries being slashed everywhere in the radio business and notably at WEEI with the recent departures of Jon Meterparel, Glenn Ordway and Jon Rish, one wonders if the topic of Field’s own salary and compensation will come up.

According to documents filed to the SEC, Field’s salary in 2012 was $827,707 and on December 18th of 2012, he received a bonus of $1,008,000. In 2011, his salary was $803,599 and his bonus was $720,000.

His actual salary may be less of an issue than the fact it has gone up each year and that he also receives that annual cash performance-based bonus of up to 150% of his annual base salary. These types of compensation agreements are by no means unusual in the corporate world, but they do make things awkward when the CEO tries to motivate a disgruntled staff which has faced budget and salary cuts routinely over the last few years.

The meeting, should it take place, (EDITit IS happening)will be interesting, given Field’s somewhat odd history of attempts at motivating his staff. In January of 2012, after returning from an African safari, Field recounted the experience in a very odd and clueless email to employees, ending by urging them to bring their “A” games to work each day, just as the animals of the Serengeti do.

His father, Joseph M. Field founded Entercom in 1968.


Elsewhere in the Boston sports media world today – Jerry Remy reveals he was recently treated for recurrence of cancer


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    1. I agree–I went looking for the shares as well searching “daily arbitron ratings” but came up with nothing. Maybe the admin/owner of this site knows?

      1. Yeah, I think the Arbitron ratings are subscription only, and they might even require subscribers not to share, at least too much. It’s that way with a lot of other data services I can think of.

      2. Arbitron is radio. bsmfan is citing Nielsen. Arbitron does not publish daily figures, just monthly and quarterly. The demographic breakdowns are subscription only, but often get leaked.

  1. All jokes aside…I am sure that the employees of WEEI and Entercom Boston in general are just thrilled that the grand poobah is coming to town to have a “town hall style meeting”, fly the flag, and not actually come in with an axe and a solution. It always amazes me how big successful businesses make money in spite of themselves, poor management and at times lousy plans. Its not unique to the radio business…the Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Marlins, DHL, and Sears/Kmart all make money in ways that completely baffle me.

    1. Always wonder the same. On the sports side, so many owners (25%?) in each sport here are _lucky_ we don’t have a relegation system and are bailed out by the welfare money each league guarantees through TV money alone.

      Doing some light research on the ETM, it looks like your classic “Spaulding Smails” nepotism–which is every right of the a company–but doesn’t always bode well for employees and shareholders. The email from last year is a shining example of this.

      1. Of all the grief that legacy kids have worked on the world in recent decades, one shining local example would be Fred Wang. Anybody remember Wang Laboratories?

    2. WEEI has been poorly run for many years , that’s why the CEO is here now … they will blow it up even more

  2. Caught felger tooting his own horn claiming 98.5 had the story first about the swedish player unable to get his release from sweden .However flipping around at work salk reported it a good 15 minutes before 98.5

    1. I’m pretty sure Bob McKenzie had it first. The first radio guy to read a Tweet on air is bragging now…..ridiculous. Neither station has news gathering or original reporting.

  3. Yes Dave, I have a question.. We have this 50,000 watt AM station that is running ESPN sports that no one listens to. You moved EEI to FM to compete with the sports hub, and no one listens to that either. Then, we have this other 50,000 watt station that no one has listened to for years with the exception of Howie who is out of here when his contract is up plus we have this FM station in Worcester that pretend is a Boston Station.
    In addition, we have morons like you running the company
    Should I be updating my resume?
    Thank you

    1. My question would be “how does the ‘Hill-Man’ still have a job after 20 years and Ordway does not?

    2. Well actually thanks to the simulcast on 97.7, AAF is a Boston station–in that the transmitter is on Great Blue Hill (that’s why they bought a former rap station called WBOT, to bring the signal to Boston). The AM side pretty much had no listeners after the necessary switch to FM and ESPN wanted to clear their shows –and air their ads, “hey, your spots are on in Boston”–and play by play. ESPN makes money and Ent. gets a cut for clearing the shows/games. Not much but something. And how else do they deal with conflicts (Sox-Celts), other than dumping them to RKO? Howie’s contract ends in late ’14…and now he has no FM talk station to jump to. (I can’t picture him at BZ…)

  4. If I’m Minihane, I ask the following,
    “Can you tell me what my role is on D+C?”
    “How does Mutnansky still have a job?”
    “Now who do I call when my windshield’s busted?”

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Mut needed to be fired after 1 year in. He is useless. Still can’t understand why they replaced Dale & Holley with that garbage… Dale and Kirk would be a great midday show…Salk has warn out his welcome after just 3 weeks. Can’t stand the guy now. WEEI is forcing me out. I have no choice but to turn the dial to 98.5 now.

  5. so the, “Big Cheese” is coming to town for a ,”Big Meeting”…I’m sure we’ve all been down this road before in our own jobs . So who at WEEI will be the biggest, “suckup”?…or “Ballwasher” if you will?…. I’ll put my money on “tough guy” John Dennis…..”Oh yes, Boss!…I agree,Boss!, That’s a great idea, Boss!….just PLEASE don’t fire me, Boss!…I’m old,washed up, and have very limited options,Boss!” *smooch* *smooch* *smooch*

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