WEEI sent out the following press release this afternoon, confirming Chad Finn’s report from last week:

BOSTON – WEEI 93.7 FM announced Tuesday that Sudbury native Mike Salk will join Michael Holley in afternoon drive, weekdays from 2-6 p.m., beginning in mid-March. Salk joins WEEI from 710 AM ESPN in Seattle, where he’s co-hosted the midday “Brock and Salk Show” since April 2009.

Salk helped grow the “Brock and Salk Show” exponentially the last four years. As of this past September, the show ranked No. 1 with the station’s core demo of men 25-54. Salk also was a frequent contributor to 710 ESPN’s website and will do the same, in a variety of ways, for WEEI.com. He also has been a part of the ESPN Radio network since 2007, hosting “SportsCenter Saturday” and serving as a regular fill-in host over the past few years.

Salk is no stranger to the Boston sports talk radio scene, having worked at 890 ESPN Radio Boston from 2005 until 2009. He primarily served as co-host of the station’s midday show with Bob Halloran, and he also was the station’s Red Sox beat reporter, covering every game of the team’s run to the 2007 World Series.

“For a kid who grew up rooting for Boston’s sports teams, I can’t wait to get behind that microphone and connect with the most avid sports fans in the country,” Salk said. “From the best play-by-play in radio to their breakthrough work with the Jimmy Fund, WEEI is still the gold standard in sports talk radio.

“I’m especially excited to talk Bruins hockey. I grew up a rabid Bruins fan and have great memories from the old Boston Garden. My wife might not know it yet, but our 1-year old daughter will be wearing a lot of black and gold in the future.”

Added Salk: “Teaming up with someone as hard-working, gifted and passionate about his craft as Michael Holley makes this situation even better for me returning home. I can’t wait to get to work.”

Said Holley: “Mike is energetic, has a tireless work ethic, and believes in having a show that is accessible to all audiences. I’m looking forward to sharing some of the talks we’ve had with our listeners. I think that they’ll find the new show to be fast, fun and smart. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention what a tremendous blessing it was to work with Glenn Ordway for nearly three years. It didn’t take us long to develop a bond, and I believe that mutual respect could be detected on the air. I anticipate a similar connection with Mike.”

Said Jason Wolfe, VP of Programming for Entercom Boston: “Mike Salk has a proven record of success, and I couldn’t be more excited to bring him back home to Boston. He’s a very skilled broadcaster, a fun personality and a passionate sports fan. I’m really looking forward to the new dynamic that he and Michael Holley will provide on a daily basis.”

6 thoughts on “WEEI names Mike Salk as new afternoon drive co-host

  1. Wow…a station that doesn’t have one personality that knows the difference between Patrick Kane and Evander Kane, much less a hockey puck from a urinal cake, decides to hire someone who is somewhat insightful/excited to talk bruins? Didn’t see that coming at all…too late, WEEI. No real bruins fan will turn into your station. You ignored, and belittled the team, the sports, and the fans for years and that will never be forgotten.


  2. Gotta love the WEEI press release. You can picture the meeting where all the “talking points” to be included in it were discussed by Wolfie and company. Too predictable.

    — The kid grew a show? Check.

    — Mention of core demo of men 25-54 to reassure advertisers? Check.

    — Boston area native wth previous “cred” in this market? Check.

    — Plug for ‘EEI as still being relevant? Check.

    — Now mandatory Bruins talk comment? Check.

    — Mutual admiration society quotes attributed to the new team’s hosts? Check.

    — Final goodbye kiss to Ordway? Check.

    — Quote from Wolfie saying how “excited” he is about the “new dynamic” about to be unleashed on the airways? Check.

    Misson accomplished. Send it out.


  3. WEEI has made one blunder after another… I have no confidence in WEEI managment or this Salk guy. Prediction?… The “New” Big Show bombs worse than the, “New Coke” …


    1. Absolutely agree. I know this guy, and he’s a total kiss ass. Predictable move. Cant tell you how much this is going to suck. is lisp will make your ears bleed.


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