At this point, the Yankees should just tip their cap to Pedro Ciriaco, who beat them for the second straight night, and is hitting .500 against the Yankees this season (11 for 22).

The Red Sox took two of three against the Yankees this weekend, but is this a good thing (the start of the hot streak everyone has been waiting for) or a bad thing (just an illusion that will prevent the team from making needed changes)?

I’m thinking the latter,

Valentine shows that he is feeling connected to the cause – Nick Cafardo rebuts Dan Shaughnessy’s claim that Bobby Valentine is actively trying to get himself fired.

Can disagreement bring harmony? – Gordon Edes wonders if Valentines ejection in the Red Sox win last night could finally get them going.

Wins in New York something to build on – Sean McAdam says that if this doesn’t get the Red Sox going, nothing will.

Andrew Miller miffed by criticism from ESPN’s Hershiser – Brian MacPherson has the Sox lefty upset that the ESPN analyst said he shouldn’t have been laughing in the dugout after giving up a two-run double to Andruw Jones.

Carl Crawford desperately trying to live up to his end of the bargain – Rob Bradford says that the outfielder is really, really trying to justify his contact.

Lots of issues complicate Josh Beckett deal – Scott Lauber says that Josh Beckett is unlikely to be traded.

Early takes from Patriots camp – Mike Reiss is impressed thus far.

New play’s no smoke screen – Karen Guregian says that there has been a lot of work on screen passes thus far in camp.

Cunningham in better spot after hard work – The Globe notebook has the third-year defender being honored for his offseason work.

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Two short, random, unimportant thoughts:

Listening to Jon Heyman on Gresh and Zo, The guy is 51 years old, but has always sounded like he’s 91 years old.

Is Gerry Callahan incapable of pronouncing Mike Aviles name correctly? He always says AH-va-less when it’s really uh-VEE-less.


9 thoughts on “Pedro Is Yankees’ Daddy

  1. So, the media coverage over the weekend could be summarized as follows:

    Some will do the “this is a starting off point” Remember this against Detroit when they took 3 of 4? Remember this when they did it against the CWS?

    Winning was bad: D+C did this but also predicted it over the weekend. It only reaffirms their need to be buyers, not sellers, and the last calendar year proves the team can’t win. IE: false positive

    The coverage/thoughts on BobbyV were all over the map.

    The stuff with Crawford, the same.

    Rest of the team? Same.

    Analogy I apply here: When scouting companies or doing homework and you see “turmoil” at all levels in an org, it’s safe to say that you need to look no further than up–by up, I mean management. Either their actions or inactions is usually the cause. It might be crude to apply the “corporate” thing here because it is a baseball team, but I think this is what is finally coming out.

    I think the most honest/truthful on it all was your take from McAdam:

    Sean McAdam says that if this doesn’t get the Red Sox going, nothing will.


  2. Don’t get fooled by the Sox, they’ll just set you up for heartbreak.

    Anyone catch the brief clip on D&C this morning from Rob Bradford’s interview with Beckett on being traded? If so, did anyone else feel that Bradford further cemented his stance as Josh Beckett’s B*tch? I had a shred of respect left for the toadie known as Bradford, but this disappeared faster than Becketts two seamer.


    1. I guess we can go back to the previous? post on Beckett speaking to the media.

      If he’s only willing to speak and open up to certain folks, who, in-turn sound like apologists for such person, don’t we like to hate on but need these people?

      Here is something I can think of that compares to it: Remember all the Favre stuff? Yes, this before they went nuts on Tebow (and are if you have watched ESPN today). Favre spoke to 3 people, literally. One happened to be Ed Werder. The rest of the folks were completely stonewalled.

      Without Bradford, we have no Beckett comments. I assume part of this “access” comes your usual ballwashing.

      So, do we hate on him for doing his job, albeit a bit “biased” but still giving us something?


      1. Bradford has become an absolute tool. In fact he’s reminding me more and more of Nick Cafardo — shocked whenever a trade proposal comes up, dismissive of its significance, and then horrified when it actually happens. If it were up to him, the Red Sox should bring back the exact same team in 2013 in the hopes that, gosh, everything HAS to get better. Even Michael Holley sounded stunned this afternoon…it’s just too bad he’s not forceful in his arguments or it would’ve been more interesting radio.


        1. I wasn’t trying to defend Bradford here. I’m just justifying certain things you have to do. If you didn’t read all of his stuff, the clip that TSH/Felger play as a bite “Take off 2 bad starts and he’s 2.50 and 5-1” (this was on SportsTonight if I remember) is all you need to know. It seems he goes out of his way, at this point, to defend him against anything and everything. That’s where I think he goes from fan->too close.

          The one difference with this and my example above with Favre: Werder was just reporting. He, as the professional he is and knowing the position of just being a pure reporter, did nothing but report. Obviously, you could link ESPN to him but it was the network and their producers who went nuts with it. So, win, win and Werder is doing his job.


      2. Solid point Fan, and it probably doesn’t go far enough. As long time Sox fans and consumers of media, we have a certain conflict of interest at times between the 411 we need on the Sox — currently a nasty and opaque tangle of underperforming players, flawed team design and muddled/misguided management — and our ideal standards for a stout, ethical, nimble media that is relentless in it’s efforts to fight their way through the snow job to keep us informed and hold them accountable. Right now one of the more important ‘gets’ is whether Beckett, who leads the league in passive aggressive defiance and punk pushback is going to suck his thumb with his 10/5 protection and make it even more difficult to move him. Rob got the first clear glimpse of an answer– it looks like ‘not being wanted’ is likely to be a huge tipping point for Josh Boy. Glory Be, and thanks, Rob.. :


  3. Ah, give The Clipper a break. How’s he supposed to know how to say “Aviles” when he’s never met a black person before? baahaa!


  4. Callahan is actually pronouncing Aviles’ name correctly. Apparently Aviles has never bothered to correct anyone. People only started noticing after Valentine repeatedly referred to him as Mike “Ahh-vah-less” in his press conferences. Kinda like how everyone pronounced Tom Thibodeau’s name wrong (“TIB-o-dough” vs. “THIB-ah-dough”) the entire three years he was with the Celtics.

    What was really embarrassing was Dennis and Callahan’s admission of not knowing half of the countries in the Olympics. Not all that surprisingly most of these countries were Sub-Saharan African nations. It sounded awfully reminiscent of the xenophobic D&C shows from a decade ago. Wouldn’t be surprised if Entercom management slips them a memo to cut the crap by tomorrow morning.


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