The Red Sox took a 7-4 win in Chicago last night, as Franklin Morales, standing in for Josh Beckett, struck out nine Cubs in an impressive start. While Boston has won their last two series, in Miami and Chicago, and gotten back to .500 on the season, Buster Olney says that the Red Sox are a team deep in dissension right now. No real specifics are given, but Olney calls the clubhouse “toxic” and says that if the Red Sox don’t make the postseason, all of the exasperation and frustration is going to spill out spectacularly.

Not Surprising: Curt Schilling On Leave From ESPN – Ken Fang has a quick post on the former pitcher taking some time off from his analyst position at ESPN to focus on his legal issues.

The making of Franklin Morales: His path to the Red Sox and effectiveness – Alex Speier looks at the lefty finally showing the spectacular stuff that has always teased observers of his career. More on Morales from Peter Abraham and Gordon Edes.

Time for a Sox youth movement – John Tomase is ready to scrap everything and play the kids.

After whirlwind day, Kalish comes through for Sox – Sean McAdam has the young outfielder giving the Red Sox a boost after his callup. More on Kalish from Nick Cafardo and Brian MacPherson.

Josh Beckett smart to ignore media – Kirk Minihane notes that Beckett has absolutely nothing to gain by talking to the media.

What we learned this spring: 2012 Patriots starting to come into focus – Christopher Price looks at what we can glean from the Patriots’ spring workouts.

Belichick doesn’t alter gameplan for anybody – I’m not even sure where to begin on this one.

LaDainian Tomlinson will announce his retirement today. LT is a guy who certainly made an impression among New England fans, whether it was describing himself as “classy” or berating the Patriots for dancing his teammates dance on HIS field,  sulking on the sideline in his parka and helmet while his QB played on a torn ACL, saying that if the Patriots aren’t cheating they aren’t trying, or leading the Jets in a “we physical, they finesse” before the Jets lost the Patriots 45-3.

Others have different Patriots/LT memories:

That was  a loss, of course, so it’s fitting.


15 thoughts on “Red Sox Take Series In Wrigley, Trouble Brewing?

  1. Who was in Chicago with Buster Olney and the Red Sox??
    Oh that’s right Tito Francona and Theo Epstein.
    Jeez I can’t imagine where these “toxic” stories are coming from.


  2. I’m so pleased LT retires with ZERO rings, with a few of his prime seasons ended by NE. Wtf is Breer talking about, btw? I guess it was a “heroic loss”? LOLZZZ


  3. So the Belichick piece, was that a vacation itinerary, a whiny whine-fest about how the coach doesn’t care about the Blue Ribbon Dailies of the world, or a lazy recap of the Jake Ballard story–one that’s already a week old and a snore of a story because Ballard will be in traction for the next 10 months? Gasp/sigh/grunt.
    Take an extra week on the Cape, Fearless. No really. It’s ok. Seriously. Enjoy the warmer water and El Nina/Nino. Honest. We’ll keep your seat warm. I swear.


  4. What is The One:

    CSNNE Original. First and foremost, if you remember “Who’s #1” from ESPN, I’d say that it’s about 60-75% of the muse/inspiration here.
    For some reason, ESPN does not produce nor show this anymore. (I’m a fan of these types of shows.) You have to be watching ESPNNews at 4AM when it comes on now. I remember when they used to show it nightly on ESPN2. Not that this is any problem. I’m sure ESPN’s show is a facsimilie from somewhere, like most things are.

    Production is rather simple: interview local sports hosts/personalities using the black/empty bg, spotlight only on the face using
    3/4th angle. Everyone from Felger to Jackie Mac and I think I even saw some of the Celtics Cheerleaders on there. Ask questions about
    what is your #1/best/etc on questions like traditions to what sports org/franchise would you like to work for. Cut the answers down into
    shorter clips, mix in some graphics/video.

    I don’t have a comprehensive history, but this seems to be the first they have done like this. Most of their shows is something like a SportsSunday/Tonight, pre/post game, etc.

    I thought it was descent and assume they’ll do more. Anyone else see it?


    From the “Assume its ESPN jumping on Tiger having a good round, ergo, he is back” department.

    I’ve never heard of this guy before but I’ve got to imagine ESPN just offered him a term sheet after reading this article:


    SAN FRANCISCO — Tournament’s over, folks.

    There may be 54 holes left to play, but Tiger Woods has already won this U.S. Open. Forget the fire hydrant, the swing change, the dropped-kicked 9-iron — that’s all ancient history now. Woods displayed some vintage dominance during a first round 69 at our 112th national championship. He’s three shots out of the lead and no one can catch him. (Sorry, Mr. Bamberger.)


    (This was after the first day)

    Wow. They even show a video of him being propped up, like ESPN does to Rick Reilly, on the Golf Channel. I really thought SI was better than this..


    Since the finals is going on:

    The NBA Finals on ABC drew a 10.4 overnight rating last night. The U.S. Open (on NBC) drew a 6.6 rating.

    Down 5% from last year.


    1. “The One” seems to be just another show with mediots bloviating on a variety of topics. Why anyone cares I have no idea.


    2. Could care less what the media douchebags think is the number 1….wgas. Show more games and less talk about games. 


    1. Valentine has been feeding friends information all season. See the breaks that Carl Ravech exclusives all season long (see his Twitter timeline and how he scoops even the likes of Jon Heyman and Ken Rosenthal by hours). Start right with the news that BobbyV became manager. I know people attribute the “scoop” to some local reporter here (I think from CBS?) but Ravech beat him out by a good 20-30 minutes.

      Again, no surprise.


      1. With Tito Francona and Curt Schilling working at ESPN how do you lay this on Bobby Valentine??
        You’re looking in the wrong places.


        1. Taking an educated guess. Ravi is a host, not a news breaker like TimK, Buster, etc. I’ve never seen him “break” news until this year.


  5. If anyone knows the point of Farrinella’s Belichick story, please enlighten me.

    Funny that Breer mentioned that game. Perfectly demonstrates LT’s career. A loss, in which he was most upset that his teammate’s “sack dance” as mocked afterwards. And… he never even once saw the irony in it.


  6. Classic Breer. While LT had a good game, THAT’S the memory you pose? He’s easy to digest. Good, smart, and talented reporter, but desperate to always separate himself from Boston bias. It was a Giants love fest during the Super Bowl weeks and any subtle way he can show people he’s not a Patriots lover and now a national writer, he hammers home. 


  7. Breer is an excitable little guy, isn’t he?…LT’s stats from that game…23 carries for 123 yards 2 touchdowns..2 catches for 64 yards…nice numbers for sure…BUT ”
    One of the best individual performances I’ve seen”??…. ”


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