Although the Celtics and Hawks were not in action Monday, that doesn’t mean the Celtics were not the most talked about team in the area. After bumping into referee Marc Davis late in Game 1 Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo was suspended for tonight’s Game 2. After falling in Game 1 on Sunday, the Celtics hope to get out of Atlanta with a win, and a split in the first two games.

Selfish Rajon Rondo deserves suspension– Kirk Minihane goes into why Rondo’s actions Sunday night were selfish, and potentially series-altering.

How the Celtics played without Rajon Rondo– Paul Flannery looks at the games Rondo missed earlier in the year and how Avery Bradley stepped in nicely for the Celtics star point guard.

Rondo makes bad situation worse– Jackie MacMullen has how Rondo’s suspension made the Game 1 loss even worse, and takes a look at a few other Celtic issues, including the health of Ray Allen.

Give peace a chance– Gerry Callahan compares Rondo’s actions late in Game 1 to those of Metta World Peace.

Sometimes Rajon Rondo’s the man, sometimes just a kid– Steve Bulpett looks at Rondo and says how his “scale moves up and down wildly, like a seesaw in a storm.”

Is Rondo as Celtics future leader a good thing?– A. Sherrod Blakely questions whether or not it is a good thing that Rondo will seemingly be the Celtics’ leader for the years to come.

Composure, not suspension, the issue for Rajon Rondo– Gary Dzen takes a look at the entire situation and says Rondo needs to be smarter to not even get a technical foul in that situation with the game on the line, yet alone get suspended.

Playoff suspensions can be a knockout– Bob Ryan has this is not the first time that a Celtics star has been suspended during the playoffs.

Hawks rookie takes a shot at KG– Dan Duggan has how Rondo’s suspension wasn’t the only big news on Monday. Hawks rookie forward Ivan Johnson called Kevin Garnett, “a dirty player.”

The Red Sox returned back to Fenway Park after their 6-1 road trip, and defeated the Athletics 11-6. Clay Buchholz started the game, and pitched well before running into trouble in the seventh inning. David Ortiz smashed two home runs, while Darnell McDonald and Mike Aviles each hit one. Aviles finished with four RBI’s. Kevin Youkilis was scratched for the second straight day right before the game with back stiffness.

Buchholz inconsistent as Red Sox bats erupt– John Tomase has how even with a win, Buchholz was inconsistent, looking good early on before losing it in the seventh inning.

What history says about Clay Buchholz’s April struggles– Alex Speier looks at Buchholz’s first month of the season, in which he was statistically one of the worst starting pitchers in baseball.

It takes five relievers, but Red Sox bullpen comes through– Maureen Mullen takes a look at the Red Sox bullpen in relief of Buchholz Monday night.

Hardball, but it could’ve been so much easier– Nick Cafardo says with an 11-1 lead, games should not get as close as things did last night.

Plenty left in Big Papi– Mark Daniels looks at Ortiz’ night and his hot start to the season.

Red Sox month in review: April full of extremes, but ends at .500– Tim Britton takes a look at the ups and downs of the first month of the season.

Assessing the 2012 NFL Draft: A Patriots Perspective– Our own George Cain takes an in-depth look at the 2012 NFL draft.


9 thoughts on “Rondo suspended for Game 2, Sox defeat Athletics

    1.  As a few hosts here brought this up, which ESPN has refused to acknowledge:

      If you listen to the entire interview, Harbaugh interjected the Patriots. The discussion was never about Spygate nor the Patriots.

      Again, I think the guy is butthurt his kicker became a verb and hates that his “path” to the superbowl has been blocked by the Patriots.


  1. Because yesterday’s accountability conversation was so much fun…the sports gods have given us another wonderful example to discuss today.  This time it is curtesy of the NBA and the Boston Celtics.  I completely agree that Rajon Rondo should have been suspended for 1 game for bumping official Mark Davis.  I don’t care how biased, bad or wrong Davis’ officiating is…players should not touch the official.  I actually think he should have gotten 2 games where the second one should have been punishment for the lame excuse…”I accidentally stepped on his foot and then by accident bumped him”.  Be a man, be accountable, admit you were angry at the calls and that you tried to intimidate a ref with physicality.

    To me the bigger story/issue is referee Mark Davis.  Whether the claims he has it out for Rondo and the Celtics are true or not…the perception, perpetuated by comments from players and stories written by the media is that he does.  The NBA has held the player accountable for his actions by suspending him.  Now I think the NBA has to step in and hold the referee accountable for his actions.  They may or may not suspend him…but they should absolutely make sure he is not assigned to any more Celtics games.  The NBA already has a pr problem, Tim Donnehy, who has made very convincing arguments that the NBA is not that far away from the WWE in terms of pre decided outcomes.  If the perception in Boston is that Mark Davis is not calling games fairly then the NBA has two problems…one is the perception problem and the second is how they handle it. Transparency with how they handle this will go a long way in restoring credibility.  If they do nothing the NBA will continue to be perceived as sports entertainment and not sports.


    1.  Donnehy called into WEEI and reflected similar comments about Mark Davis. Basically saying that he believes people buy a ticket to see him.

      Anyone remember that Celtics/Hawks game where the officiating was so bad that even Mike was going nuts? As it is known/stated, if Mike starts complaining about calls, you know it’s bad.

      The Celtics were up by 8 and, all of a sudden, the refs started calling everything in the OT against the Celtics. Eventually, the Hawks were able to make it within 2 (spread was -3).

      A few hosts (yes, Felger) have continued to point it out and it’s one reason I stopped really caring or watching basketball ages ago.

      I think we all agree that Rondo was an idiot and is lucky to have only got one game. Stern could have easily made a statement and gone >+1. However, the NBA continues to make decisions which seem to really call into question the integrity of the game.

      I was having this discussion at a local establishment with a few folks I met. One of the guys was a die-hard C/NBA fan and I asked him, “Why is it that you know the names of refs in the game–outside of the Donnehy incident?”

      Ask yourself that for a question.

      WIthout using google, how many refs from other sports can you name? Eliminate Ed Hoculi because of the obvious reasons in the NFL. He’s known more for his personality/arms than anything.

      The 2 others in the conversation named 5 NBA refs.

      I could name 2 NBA refs, including Mark Davis due to this, and Jim Joyce because of the blown call in the game with the Tigers.

      To me, there is a major perception problem with this and the NBA seems to care 0 about it, nor will until Stern is gone.

      Call it a conspiracy, but, even though the NBA has, arguably,  the most someone could officiate (arguments can be made with holding in the NFL and interference in the NHL), when the story stops being about the competition on the court, I think it is a large image problem. 


      1.  Good point.  I find myself enjoying basketball as a sport but the officiating is the worst of the professional leagues.  It seems that NBA and MLB officials believe fans pay mostly to see them and not the actual games. 

        I feel strongly that stars should not get calls – if someone is good then they don’t need any help.  As it is, the NBA is unwatchable.  Wish the media would bring it up more often. 


        1. It’s been commented on many times, unfortunately, mainly by hockey fans, but the NHL seems to be the best here in regards to suspensions.

          Love or hate “Shanaban”, but he does it right. And, he also comes on to address suspensions. I’ve heard him on with WEEI and across other radio stations, talking about the process and either defending or supporting his takes.

          Bravo. I know we’ll never get a live webcam into their war room where they make suspensions but this is about as much transparency a fan asks for.

          Given what just happened in the NFL today, with the Saints suspensions, I would not be surprised that, within 10 years, before the next CBA, they have something similar.

          I know the refs won’t turn people toward a sport, but I’d make a good case that it can turn casual fans away, slowly.

          Only looming issue is the CBA stuff, which nobody knows where it is going.


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