The Celtics and Bruins both posted impressive wins to open the final month of their respective regular seasons, the Celtics ran away from the Miami Heat, 91-72 at the TD Garden, while the Bruins defeated the New York Rangers, 2-1 last night at Madison Square Garden.

With the continued strong play of Avery Bradley, (How’s the Celtics get him, anyway? John Dennis and others have told me over and over that Danny Ainge hasn’t had a good draft pick since Rondo.) including a highlight-reel block of Dwyane Wade yesterday, a hot topic has been whether the Celtics might be better off keeping Bradley in the starting lineup, even after Ray Allen is ready to return to action.

Pete Sheppard made his second WEEI Sunday afternoon appearance, prior to the Celtics/Heat game, alongside Kirk Minihane. This topic, along with the matchup of Wade and Bradley dominated the discussion, then Dennis and Callahan this morning used all the same discussion points on their show as well.

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Did you enjoy the Globe baseball preview yesterday? Here’s a sample of the headlines I saw when I looked through it yesterday morning:

Love him or hate him, Bobby Valentine is in charge.

With Bobby Valentine, it won’t be boring.

Does Bobby Valentine mean trouble is ahead?

Interactive: Six degrees of Bobby Valentine.

Photos: Up close with the Red Sox manager.

The Bobby Valentine Wrap is a hit on the menu.

Bobby Valentine has worked magic before.

Ralph Branca happy to have Bobby Valentine around.

Path from TV booth to manager’s seat is well worn.

Is it just me, or does anyone else see a pattern here? Toucher and Rich did a nice job this morning going through this as well.

Yes, I know, a new manager is a hot topic. But this just seems a bit over-the-top. Individually, several of the articles are very interesting. Collectively, it stinks. As much as the Globe tries to down-play their business ties to the Red Sox, when something like this happens, questions are going to be raised.

His voice still carries – Chad Finn’s piece on Red Sox radio announcer Joe Castiglione is a worthy read as Uncle Joe talks about going into his 30th season calling the games, and talks about his new book – Can You Believe It?: 30 Years of Insider Stories with the Boston Red Sox.

Going back to Friday’s post, I’m shocked, SHOCKED, (in a Claude Rains voice) that just about every media member I’ve heard the last few days see no hypocrisy in Curt Schilling making comments about what is going on inside the Red Sox clubhouse when he, as a player, would blast anyone not on the team who suggested they knew what was happening inside the Red Sox clubhouse. I’ve only heard Michael Holley as the only one who has noted that Schilling has become what he despised as a player.


6 thoughts on “Celtics, Bruins Open April In Style

  1. It’s easy with the Schilling thing: if the media blasts him for being a hypocrite, he won’t appear on their show.

    Re: Avery Bradley. Danny made a great pick with him, it just simply wasn’t his fault Doc has buried him on the bench up to this point. Doc needs to recognize he just had Tony Allen’s replacement fall into his lap and use him accordingly. Ray Allen can’t defend anymore and would be better served bolstering a weak scoring bench.


    1. On the ABC/ESPN telecast, they mentioned that the Heat GM/Riley(sp) really liked/wanted him but we grabbed him before


  2. Still trying to get Fred and John together for a charitable simulcast. Anyone have a cell phone number?


  3. There’s a further Schilling irony which should be mentioned. One reason he was not a universally beloved teammate (to be polite) in his career despite being an invaluable asset to his teams was his habit of violating the Prime Directive of not butting into teammates’ business and relationships. So he’s not being totally hypocritical, as he was that way as a player, too.


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