While the national and Denver (and some in New England) media continue their handwringing over the Patriots hiring Josh McDaniels (which they were in the process of doing before it was known they would play Denver) Lindsay H. Jones in the Denver Post points out that in 1989, Mike Shanahan was fired as coach of the Raiders mid-season and less than two weeks later, the Broncos hired him as QB coach – and there was no controversy about the move.

But the Patriots do it – legally – and it’s cheating. Got it. Twice. (as one reader put it, Woody Paige is Shaughnessy on PEDs)

Burden’s all on Brady – Karen Guregian and Kurt Warner speculate that the burden of carrying the Patriots and their awful defense may cause Brady to retire early. Does this apply to Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees as well? Will they get tired of carrying their team’s poor defenses and want to retire? This is just silly.

Broncos threw a curve – Greg A Bedard says that what Tebow and the Broncos showed against the Steelers makes them a tougher opponent this time around for the Patriots.

McDaniels about more than Broncos – Tim Weisberg says that the re-hiring of Josh McDaniels is so much more than just the Denver game.

Why the Patriots are Super Bowl bound – After telling us yesterday what a disaster it would be to lose to the Broncos, Kirk Minihane says that the Patriots are going to Indy.

Broncos’ best hope to stay in Tom Brady’s face – Ron Borges eagerly outlines how the Broncos can beat the Patriots.

Play by play – Amalie Benjamin has a mini-feature on Vince Wilfork and how he’s playing more than ever.

Marchand diary: On Canucks, critics – Bruins winger Brad Marchand writes in his ESPNBoston diary about his suspension and critics of his style of play.

Canucks anger B’s brass  – Steve Conroy has Bruins management with some harsh words towards the Canucks.

Celts’ Pietrus close to comeback – Scott Souza has Mickael Pietrus looking to make his Celtics debut tomorrow night against the World Champion Dallas Mavericks. More from Steve Bulpett.

Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds merit vote in ’13 – Is Michael Silverman just looking for attention?

Andrew Bailey and Jonathan Papelbon may not be all that different after all – Rob Bradford compares the new and former Red Sox closers.

Out of Bounds featuring Lou Merloni – Ryan Hadfield has his first WEEI.com podcast, and he talks to Lou Merloni about being an athlete and dealing with the Boston media. I’m told there are a few BSMW references within.

Why is the Local Media so Divided on the New England Patriots? – George Cain looks at the sharp contrasts in styles of coverage of the Patriots.

A fond farewell to a true gentleman of the business – I should’ve mentioned yesterday Kevin Paul Dupont’s Sunday tribute to his mentor and colleague, former Globe Bruins beat man Fran Rosa, who passed away last week at the age of 91.


3 thoughts on “Wait, The Broncos Once Hired A Fired Coach From A Rival Team Midseason? Yup.

  1. "as one reader put it, Woody Paige is Shaughnessy on PEDs" – sure he's not closer to Borges? Afterall, it's no secret that he has a habit on forgetting about attribution to sources:

    He's been on the Tebow bandwagon since day 1 if you see him on ATH. However, unlike Skip Bayless, who is the conductor of that train, I couldn't see Skip missing the two glaring details that Bruce has pointed out here and the one Mike Reiss linked to about the '09 Cowboys move.


  2. I'll say it again: I've never seen a local media have such disdain for one of their local teams as much as the New England media does with the Patriots.

    That being said, the Pats HAVE to win this game or we'll never, ever hear the end of it.


  3. Woody Paige's piece is amazing, if only for its lack of the whole truth to get his point across.
    Best example: his final dig at McDaniels is that, as Pats OC in 2008, he failed to make the playoffs. No mention of Brady going down. No mention of the development of Cassel into a starting QB. No 11-5. And, of course, nothing about a very similar Pats team going 16-0 in 2007 with the most productive offense the league has ever seen.
    How is this journalism? If this were an essay, it's a C at best.


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