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Patriots Settling Into Indy

Super Bowl week gets into high gear with local radio stations beginning their radio row broadcasts and media day this morning. Just because they're saying it about Super Bowl XLVI doesn't mean it's true - Jonathan Comey looks at a few myths being perpetrated this week, including the oft-repeated statements about the Patriots awful defense. Dispatches … Continue reading Patriots Settling Into Indy

On “Eager Reporters” with “Well-Intentioned” Questions

The latest masterpiece from Globe is a slideshow entitled Why Everyone Else Hates The Patriots. Gee, I'm shocked that Joe Sullivan would green-light something like this. How come this hasn't been on the front page of the Globe sports section for 10 years? I'll spare you having to click through it all. The reasons are: … Continue reading On “Eager Reporters” with “Well-Intentioned” Questions

Pathetic Pats Back Into Super Bowl, Stand No Chance Against G-Men

Is there anything more miserable than a sports-talk radio caller? Holy crap. I've actually heard yesterday's win described as "disappointing" and that the Super Bowl rematch with the Giants in two weeks "won't even be competitive." (with the Giants killing the Patriots) Both of these calls came from self-described "long-time Patriots fans. Here's a few … Continue reading Pathetic Pats Back Into Super Bowl, Stand No Chance Against G-Men