The Patriots may be 10-3, but looking at the grades from Sunday’s win over Washington, you’d have a hard time believing that.

Patriots Report Card: No defense for league’s worst secondary – Kirk Minihane says Rodney Harrison is right about the Patriots secondary.

Patriots report card – Ron Borges says that if the defense doesn’t improve, Tom Brady might have a meltdown before the playoffs even start.

Patriots Center – ESPN Boston also has a low grade for the Patriots pass defense.

Hector Longo’s Two-Minute Drill He’s got Jerod Mayo and Vince Wilfork among his “No Shows” for the week.

Patriots Report Card: Dane Fletcher Brings Solidarity to Linebacking Corps, Rob Gronkowski Earns MVP Honors – Jeff Howe with a few words on the game.

Patriots report card Game 13 – Put your grades in on

Hail Mary passer – John Powers in the Globe scares up an Atheist to say that Tim Tebow’s prayers on the field are inappropriate.

Tim Tebow lords over NFL – Gerry Callahan says that Tebow has more than a prayer to beat the Patriots this week.

Pats say Broncos aren’t one-man team – Steven Krasner has the Patriots preparing for more than just Tebow this week.

Loyal to a ‘C’: Why Pierce won’t give up on Boston – Jessica Camerato with a great feature on Paul Pierce, who has been through everything in Boston, and who wants to be a Celtic for life.

A positive spin on Rondo revolution – Steve Bulpett with a tremendous look at Rajon Rondo, including an incident in last year’s playoffs where he shattered a video screen during a team film session, and how he says he’s ready to mature and be a leader.

How Danny Ainge built a roster from scratch – Paul Flannery with a look at how Ainge built a team in three days while preserving the team’s options for the future. Gary Washburn says that Ainge may not be done.

Will same old Celtics be enough? – Peter May says that missing out on Chris Paul and David West may haunt this team.

In first at-bats since surgery, Westmoreland says he ‘felt comfortable’ – Brian MacPherson has the Red Sox prospect feeling comfortable after seeing game action for the first time since brain surgery.

Red Sox should talk to Rick Peterson – Gordon Edes thinks that the unconventional pitching coach would be a fit on Bobby Valentine’s staff.

Bruins prepare for play without their giant Joe Haggerty has the Bruins getting ready to play a game without their injured captain. Douglas Flynn says that the team is confident in their depth and system without Chara. Joe McDonald says that it will still be a be void for the Bruins.


15 thoughts on “Patriots Grade Out Poorly In Win

  1. This morning on D & C they did an interview with one of the victims of the late Don Fitzpatrick (Charles) and the victim's lawyer. It was a difficult interview to listen to due to the nature of the crimes. I thought D & C handled the questioning well and have given proper reverence to the topic and victims. I do understand that in light of the Penn State and Syracuse scandals that this one becomes relevant again as it never really got the media vetting it deserved while Fitzpatrick was still alive.

    Having said all of that I am not sure where this story can go from here. Between the statutes of limitations (I hope Dave will correct me if I am wrong…thanks in advance Dave), the fact that there is different ownership of the Red Sox, the fact that the crimes happened 20 years ago and that the perpetrator of the crimes is dead there does not seem to be a whole lot that can happen. I am wondering… is it journalistically ethical to be dredging up this story at this time to capitalize on the horror we all feel about the Penn State and Syracuse stories? By the way…I don't know the answer. I can argue either side of the coin. I just feel manipulated and that is the reason I am making this post.


  2. And we wonder why fans across the country can't stand Boston fans. There are only 4 teams that wouldn't switch organizations with the Pats – Steelers, Colts(debateable with this year's fiasco), Saints and Packers. The Boston media and the mouth-breathing fandom scream, bitch and moan if the Pats don't win the Super Bowl. Well, guess what, 15 teams haven't won one, let alone three. For everyone crying about BB's "arrogance" and the Sox's lack of free agency moves, think back to the Hugh Millen and Steve Avery days.


    1. Why don't you think back to the day when the Pats and Sox were winning championships? I think that's a fair tradeoff.


  3. Good Herald story on Rondo. I think he plays best when he has something to prove. He just needs to be more consistent. Is his best game good enough to beat the Heat or Bulls? Maybe.

    Nice Boxer reference by Bulpett BTW.


  4. When they surprisingly drafted back to back Tight Ends two years ago, were you screaming then? Why don't you give it more than 1 year before rating a draft class George. Show me 1 team that has their first 5 picks in 1 years draft become Pro bowlers as rookies.


  5. For the most part, upper-tier defensive talent lives in the first half of the first round. Yes, there certainly are exceptions, but if you look up and down the Pro Bowl rosters that come out a few weeks from now, you'll find a lot of guys with "1st round–11th overall", or "1st round–4th overall", in their bios. Because of the Pats' success, Belichick has drafted in the top half of the first round exactly once since 2003. That pick was Mayo, and though some may disagree, when he's been healthy he's been a Pro Bowl-caliber player. Also, "trading up" to draft an upper-tier player is easier said than done–there's a salary cap, afterall, and up through the last draft rookie salaries for players drafted high were prohibitive, especially if you already had a successful team and had a lot of veterans with bigger contracts.

    Has anyone in the media pointed this out? You know…that the NFL's draft system is DESIGNED to have teams like the Pats not do as well? (And remember, Pittsburgh and Green Bay each had TWO bad, non-playoff seasons between 2005-2009, and the higher draft picks that resulted helped them reinvigorate their rosters with better talent.)


    1. Haven't you heard the Draft according to "Felder"?? The salary cap isn't real, look at the Jets. LOL

      I agree with everything above that you said.


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